Free to Play NOT an Option for PvPers

If you haven’t checked out the latest video from Bioware about the Free to Play restrictions, you should.  You are limited to three warzones PER WEEK.  Better hope you don’t get a queue for a warzone that is about to end.  So you can sit down for an hour on Monday, then call it a week for Star Wars: The Old Republic.  Or you could fork over some money for the unlimited option.  Which would then make it not Free to Play…

This is NOT a viable option for Free to Play.  Essentially each F2P player will get to join in warzones for one hour per week.  I’m not really sure what kind of PvP experience they want to provide F2P players with, but I don’t think this format is even worth experiencing.  If someone wants to see what Star Wars: The Old Republic PvP is like, does Bioware really think they will be sold on one hour of gameplay?  Do they expect someone to subscribe and purchase the game (IE drop $30) based one three warzones?

Guild Wars 2 has made me think a lot about subscription fees, specifically what makes a game worth paying $15 a month.  Prior to Guild Wars 2, Star Wars: The Old Republic was definitely worth $15 a month to me. Now?  I’m not so sure.  I will be getting some cartel coins, so I may use them to experience the game for comparison later.  I’m not in any hurry though.  Unless things change, I think my Star Wars: The Old Republic days are at an end.

The only way Bioware could redeem themselves is to have worded the announcement poorly.  Maybe three warzones per week means three different types.  For example you could only play Huttball, Voidstar, and Novare Coast for the week.  The other warzones would be left out of the rotation.  That’s about the only positive spin I could put on this.  If that were the case, I would definitely be excited about Star Wars: The Old Republic going Free to Play.

Bottom line, Bioware/Electronic Arts is a company.  Companies exist to make money.  Providing a quality product or service to the consumer will make them money.  This Free to Play option costs the consumer nothing.  But it provides them with nothing too.

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  1. Still more is coming out about it since you posted this. Have you seen the bit about “preferred status” (which as far as I can tell is still detailed no where but the one dev post)?

    I can understand the chat restrictions. You don’t want f2p accounts to be easily able to spam everyone or you’ll have a game of nothing but gold farmers.

    It’s the other things that says about f2p. Things like “preferred” get… access to /who? So… f2p players don’t get access to /who? …really? What purpose is there in hiding that? How is “being able to see who’s on” even remotely a feature that they think is going to make someone go “Oh, well, then I guess I better put some money in!”

    And what little there’s been about guilds, it looks like if I want to keep my guild intact and “fully featured” (whatever that means) I’m going to have to keep my subscription AND each of them individually will have to unlock access to the guild bank.

    I really want to love this game but every week EA does something new that pushes me even farther out (last week there was a patch and after it people on the west coast couldn’t stay connected for more than a few minutes…). Sure you can’t please everyone with a game but… if you please no one, then you have no customers.

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