Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals

Guild Wars 2

Free digital deluxe upgrade at

The Black Lion Trading Company has an interesting sale.  Three different items each day.  You have to log in to see it though.  I’ve already bought some Fine Transmutation Stones.  The price of gems is pretty high right now, but this sale almost offsets it completely.

Nothing ‘Black Friday’ specific so far on Origin, and no announcements on their website about the Cartel market either.

Battlefield 3

Just $12 for a digital download.  If you want a physical copy, it’s just $19.99 and free shipping with any purchase of $39 or more. It is now $19.99, but the premium expansion is just $29.99.  Still beats’s prices.

League of Legends

Just a regular champion & skin sale.  Nothing ‘Black Friday’ specific so far.

World of Tanks

  • TURKEYDAY – Bonus code for one free day of premium access.
  • Bonus to Crew Experience: 2x (No purchase necessary!)
  • Up to a 58% discount on Premium Shells
  • 10% gold discount on Premium accounts:
    1 year (360 days) for 21,600
    6 months (180 days) for 12,150
  • 15% gold discount on the following Premium vehicles:
    T26E4 SuperPershing
    8.8 cm Pak 43 JagdTiger
  • 25% credit discount on the following vehicles:
    All Tanks and Tank Destroyers tiers III-VII
    All SPGs tiers II-VI

Happy Bargain Shopping

A couple of these are affiliate links.  As always though, it will never affect your purchase price.  Feel free to post the best deals you find on any games in the comments below.

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