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What do I do in WvW?  Where do I go?

These are the first questions you run into in WvW.  There are several things going on at once.  Take a look at the map while keeping the following in mind:
  • /Map or /Team chat should be your first stop.  People will make a lot of announcements as to where enemy forces are and where your fortifications are under siege.
  • Contested locations are one way to know where the action is.  They appear over a fortification’s icon when it is under attack.  They also appear over the waypoint icon if it has one.
  • PvP activity is marked by orange crossed swords.  I’ve heard a lot of theories as to what constitutes ‘PvP activity’, but haven’t figured it out.  When you see these swords, it’s definitely there.
  • Commanders are generally a gathering place for people.  That said, anyone with 100 gold can be a Commander.  Lately I have seen several on at once.  Just watch how they conduct themselves.  If they talk down to people, that’s a sign to stay away.  If they sound reasonable, you are probably okay giving them a chance.  Don’t just follow a Commander because they have an icon!  Make sure they are worthy of your sword or spells.

Customize a Chat Channel

WvW chat is very spammy.  I have a customized chat channel just for WvW.  Guild Wars 2 lets you customize and add chat channels very easily.  Just click on the tab you want to change, or the + to add a new one.  Check and un-check whatever you want.  I am still customizing my own chat setup.

Siege Weapons

Siege weapons are great for defending and attacking.  They speed up the attack process, and make formidable defensive obstacles.  I have defended a keep for hours with no wall – all because of siege weapons.  You can purchase them with honor badges or gold (silver) at a merchant in your home base.  They aren’t exactly cheap considering your return on WvW, but if you do a little farming you should be fine.  You also get them as rewards for the WvW jumping puzzles and map completions.

What do Supplies do?

Supplies are used to repair fortification doors and walls, and build siege weapons.  Do not take supplies from towers or keeps, as a general rule.  You will need supplies in these fortifications to repair the doors and walls during sieges.  If your tower is full, then maybe grab a few.  Otherwise, let the supplies sit there for when they are needed.  Empty out any supply camps you can.  Supplies in Supply Camps will be replenished every few minutes, so this is where you should always try to take supplies from.

Keep the supply lines to your fortification open.  This is vital to making sure you have enough supplies to last a prolonged siege.  This map shows you where your supplies come from.

WvW Supply Routes
WvW Supply Routes in the Borderlands Map


Be a team player.  WvW requires coordination.  Listen to the (good) Commanders if they are organizing.  If you want to help your realm, but don’t want to stay with the zerg, there are still things you can do on your own to contribute:
  • Scout for enemy forces and announce in /Map.  Very helpful.
  • Take out sentries.
  • Small groups can take supply camps.
  • The lake is usually empty.  The Quaggan camp can be taken with a few players.

Taking Notes?  Any Questions?

As always, ask anything you like in the comments.  I will answer it if I can, or research it if I can’t!

Feel like adding something?

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