Southsun Island One-Time Only Event

If you missed the one time only Lost Shores event, you really didn’t miss a whole lot.  The highlight was the exotics (Yes, multiple) in the chest at the end.  One of our guild members got a precursor, while others (me) got two exotics that I couldn’t even sell for 2 gold on the Trading Post.  If you want to see the final cut-scene, you can watch it here:

This Is The Event That Never Ends.  Yes It Goes On And On My Friend…

The event started at the landing points and involved clearing the beach, then cutting trees to make a road, then defending workers building a bridge, and finally killing the Ancient Karka itself.  When we finally got to said killing of the actual Ancient Karka, the mechanics we used to drive it back were pretty fun and original I thought.  When we finally got there, that is.  It was an incredibly LONG event.  I logged in a little after it started, and still spent about two and a half hours.  My guild mates summed it up perfectly for you…

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  1. I suppose having an insanely long one time event is more “in story” than having the same short event repeat every hour for a day… We had people who had to leave early who didn’t get to play through all the end of the chain of events (including killing the Ancient at the end) who still managed to get loot from the chest so that’s something anyway… provided you were able to log in when the chest was available on whatever overflow you ended up in…

    1. Yeah I’m not a fan of a 2+ hour event. Assuming you have the two hours to dedicate, you still have to fight low framerates, bio breaks, etc.

      I also tried going back on an alt, but all the overflows had already finished the event. Should have checked for the chest anyway I guess, but oh well.

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