PvE / PvP Rifle Warrior Build

This build was affected by the latest patch.  Mileage may vary!

I found this build after several hours in the Mists testing different rune sets.  I really, really wanted a rifle warrior build I could use in WvW (or PvP in general).  The Runes of Lyssa are what brought it all together for me.  There are several different ways to implement this build as well, which is good because you can tailor it to your own playstyle.  This build is all about the burst.  You burn your enemies down faster than they anticipate.  This is my favorite rifle warrior build by far.  If you’re not interested in a ranged warrior build, check out the builds page.

Guild Wars 2 Rifle Warrior

The Quickening Build

Click here for the build

You can break the burst in this build down to two parts:

  1. Damage through boons.
  2. Burst from Quickness.

Damage from boons comes from the Runes of Lyssa and Signet of Fury elite skill combining under the Empowered trait.  More boons, more damage.  If you’re in WvW, there’s no telling how many boons you could have at any given time.  This part of the build makes it an excellent combination on a team.

Burst from Quickness comes from your Frenzy skill, Sigil of Rage, and Last Chance trait.  This build put up a solid offense for me.  I had Quickness on demand with Frenzy, Quickness near the end of my target’s health bar, and random Quickness procs going off.

The idea is to line up Signet of Rage with Frenzy, a 1.25 second Volley drops someone’s health quickly.  If you can keep them in range, it gets really interesting.  Aimed Shot and Throw Bolas immobilizes your target and grants additional Crit chance, which increases your damage passively as you kite.  Last Chance in the Arms trait line grants you Quickness again when your target drops below 25% health.  A few good Crits on your first Volley will ensure this happens.  Then you can follow up with another 1.25 second Volley and your target is likely down for the count!  This isn’t counting any random Quickness procs from your Sigil either.

Gearing Up For Damage and Defense

This build is flexible somewhat when it comes to gear.  It’s very forgiving in the DPS category, but less so in the defensive category.  Obviously the better gear you have, the more damage you will do.  The burst potential should allow you to deal significant damage no matter what gear you are in.  Your survivability however will be directly impacted by the lack of defensive stats (Armor, Vitality, Toughness).
  • Armor

Power, Precision, and Vitality are your friend.  Condition Damage is a viable alternative as well in place of Precision.  This is Knight and Carrion gear.  You can also run with some of the level 80 exotic gear karma vendors.  It has Precision, Toughness, and Condition Damage.  This can be a little difficult, but within a week you should have access to all of the karma vendors.  Check out my Level 80 Gear guide for details on where to find this gear.

  • Trinkets

Power, Precision, and Vitality are still your friend.  Condition Damage still an option if you went with it above on your armor.  Don’t stack condition damage on your trinkets unless you went with Carrion armor.  You still can stack Precision on trinkets even if you went with carrion armor.  Don’t forget the Guild backpack to finish it all off.

  • Weapons

A Knight, Carrion, Berserker, or Rampager rifle will do.  This is a DPS build, and you want to maximize your DPS.  As for your off-weapons, I went with Greatsword for the mobility.  You will still want Toughness/Vitality at least.  If you’re trying to get out of a bad situation, you still want some red on your health bar.  The WvW Invader Greatsword is perfect, but there are many options.  I took the Ghastly Greatsword of Ghost Slaying, which has the Power/Toughness/Vitality stats.  Otherwise it all depends on what you want.

  • Sigils
Like the build itself, your Sigil choice is flexible.  There are quite a few Sigils to choose from.  *Only go with the Sigil of Earth if you stacked Condition Damage from Carrion gear.

Rifle: Superior Sigil of RageSuperior Sigil of Earth*
Greatsword: Superior Sigil of RageSuperior Sigil of Earth*

  • Runes

The Superior Rune of Lyssa set clears all conditions off of you, and gives you EVERY boon when you use an elite skill.  The icing on the cake is your Tactics trait Empowered, which increases your damage by about 1.5% for each boon on you.  With 8 boons (Stability is currently bugged), that’s a total of 12% extra damage!  Stacking with your 12% Berserker’s Power trait, that’s a lot of bonus damage.  Of course, this is also an emergency cleanse if you have to go there.

Crowd Control

Your CC can be invaluable to either you or your team.  This is where having the extra Throw Bolas skill comes in handy.
  • Aimed Shot cripples your enemies, slowing them down.
  • Throw Bolas immobilizes your enemies, stopping them in their tracks.
  • Rifle Butt knocks enemies away from you, or your allies.

Offensive Capabilities

Quickness and your rune bonus aren’t the only sources of damage.
  • Using Aimed Shot or Throw Bolas stops your target, and grants you Fury for increased Crit chance.
  • The Brutal Shot skill and Rending Strikes trait increases damage against foes.

Defensive Capabilities

I like my builds to be able to take a little bit of damage before I have to start running.  As a DPS role this can be particularly challenging.  If you’re interested in pure damage, you can check out the customization below.
  • Dolyak Signet is great for mitigating damage, and getting into buildings under siege by the enemy.
  • Turtle’s Defense keeps you from being turned into dust whenever you get CCed.

Customization of the ‘Quickening’ Ranged Warrior Build

This build can accommodate a lot of playstyles and roles.  You can customize it according to how you gear up, or how you play:

  • Under Strength trait, swap Berserker’s Power for Great Fortitude for a little extra survivability.
  • You can swap Berserker’s Power for the Discipline trait Signet Mastery for more burst on demand.
  • The Defense trait Sure-Footed is a must-have after it’s fixed.  It is reportedly bugged right now.
  • Dolyak Signet can bet swapped with For Great Justice (or Prayer to Lyssa if you are a human) for more damage.

The ‘Quickening’ Rifle Warrior Build In Action

For video of how I play this build, check out the WvW and sPvP training videos.  The plan is to put together a more informational video other this weekend.  As always, leave any questions or comments below.  If you end up using the build, please feel free to give feedback.  Also if there’s anything in particular you’d like to see in the instructional video, feel free to leave that in the comments too.

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