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In case you don’t know, Defiance is a transmedia effort.  It combines an MMO Shooter in the form of Defiance the game.  Complementing that is Defiance the television show.  The show will affect the game, and the game will affect the show.  I’m pretty eager to see how it turns out.  I got a beta code from watching one of their livestreams, so hopefully i’ll get to see what it’s like soon. You are guaranteed beta access if you preorder Defiance.

Defiance Offers Pre-launch Unlocks

If you’ve been watching closely, and I mean very closely, you’ll notice some codes being given out in Defiance media.  These are called Arkfall codes.  These Arkfall codes can be found at the end of Defiance videos, emails, websites, and who knows where else.  I first noticed them at the very end of the ‘Join the Fight Teaser Trailer‘.  You can see the codes at the 0:26 and 0:27 mark.  There are two.

My Ego (Your Ego)

Defiance Arkfall codes are entered at the ‘My Ego’ section of their website.  Navigate to the My Ego tab on the Defiance game website.  You have to login before you can enter the Arkfall codes.  Once you login, you can see all the unlocks available.  There are 16 unlocks available so far, so make sure you enter all the Arkfall codes you can find.  There is a Google spreadsheet that you can use to find all the available Arkfall codes.  The Arkfall Codes page of has the best source of Arkfall codes available.  You can see what the Arkfall codes unlock below.

Trouble Entering Arkfall Codes

I had some trouble copy & pasting the codes.  The Arkfall codes are not bugged.  They do work, but it takes an extra step.  When I pasted the codes, I could not hit submit.  Fixing this is really easy.  You can paste the code, and then delete and retype the last digit.  You can also paste the code and then use an arrow key while you have the cursor in the box.  It should automatically capitalize any lowercase letters, or do whatever it is that makes it work.

Future Arkfall Codes

I don’t really want to steal from the collective work of the Google Spreadsheet.  I like to support open source/crowd sourcing, but if you find any future Arkfall codes – or codes not on the spreadsheet, leave ’em in the comments below.  There are also some codes still out there according to the spreadsheet, so keep your eyes peeled.

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Arkfall Codes I have personally found so far

  • 6CIBJT
  • VO5DHS
  • TLK9F1
  • W0UODG – Added 02/19/2013 ‘Ark Hunter Chronicles‘ trailer
  • WKJIXT – Added 02/22/2013 ‘Enemy Intel: hell bugs
  • IS3KAF – Added 02/28/2013 ‘Enemy Intel: 99ers
  • UUXTGI – Added 03/01/2013 ‘Terra Killa Spray Bottle’ ad Visitor Submitted
  • 9ELBUP – Added 03/07/2013 Banner ad
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