GW2: 9 Things That Make Guild Wars 2 Next Gen

Nothing Like Good Therapy

After my little meltdown and subsequent epiphany earlier this week, I think it’s a good time to remind myself why I like Guild Wars 2.  Hopefully with the holidays over, Arenanet can get back to fixing bugs, and continue on its path of making Guild Wars 2 better.

Next Generation MMO Defined

A next generation MMO takes game features and mechanics that are in current MMOs, and makes them even better.  If you’re old enough, maybe you remember EverQuest in it’s first few years.  There was no questing system, there was only grinding mobs.  Leveling was tedious, but nobody ever knew anything different.  Then along comes World of Warcraft, where you can do quests to help you level.  Early MMOs proved getting together with others online and killing mobs to level was fun.  The next generation of MMOs came along and put in quests to make sure that experience was made better.  To paraphrase a guild mate of mine, took everything players hate about a game, and fixed it in Guild Wars 2.  That is the basic premise of ‘Next Gen’.

Why I Think Guild Wars 2 Is Next Gen

There are a lot of features in Guild Wars 2 that follow this path.  I’ve made a video that discusses the major ones.  It’s not an all inclusive list, but briefly listed and explained:
  1. Non-combat questing – More than just hacking and slashing for XP.
  2. Rez XP – You gain experience for rezzing NPCs and other players.
  3. Resource Nodes – Everyone can gather from the same node.
  4. Quests come to you – Dynamic Events (quests) appear when you are in range.
  5. Participation – Rewards based on your contribution to the dynamic event.
  6. Open World Quest items – These can be shared by all players.
  7. Crafting items – Easily sent to a special bank so they don’t clutter your inventory.
  8. Cinematic Quests – No more reading walls of text.

Enjoy the video, and make sure to give it a like if you agree!  What other features do you think make Guild Wars 2 a Next Gen MMO? Or why do you think it’s not?

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