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After exactly six months of playing Guild Wars 2, I have had some time to evaluate the WvW event rewards.  I’ve talked to a lot of guild mates about it, I have seen the map chat comments, and put my previous thoughts here.  Now that the dust has settled, I feel confidant in saying that yeah, it still sucks.

The Real Cost Of Taking Towers

Keeping tabs on my income, I average about 25 silver an hour after everything is sold and repaired.  When gold farming in the open world, I make at least 4-6 times that.  Alas, WvW still has its money sinks.  You can’t bring walls down on karma alone.  So just how much does it cost to take control of a fortification?  Let’s assume you die once.  That’s pretty generous I think.  That’s 1s62c on average.  Now, let’s drop a siege weapon because the gate isn’t just gonna open on its own.  Flame Ram runs you 8s.  Total so far comes to 9s62c.  Now, did you eat any food to boost your stats?  What about sharpening stones or other similar consumable?  Anything else we’re forgetting?  You’re looking at 40% of your earnings just to get inside one tower.

How long do you think it takes to capture a fortification?  A lot less than an hour most of the time.  My best advice is to be careful about dying too much, and make sure to do the jumping puzzle for free siege plans.

Costs Of Holding Fortifications

This is where things get ugly.  Holding a tower, supply camp, and especially keep can be expensive.  Upgrades cost anywhere from 2s 50c to 37s 50c, not to mention the karma required.  Occasionally I do see people sending money to help out with upgrades.  This is a very welcome change from other MMOs where it’s basically unheard of to just hand out money to perfect strangers.

Added to upgrade costs is still the obligatory battle.  One death, and one siege weapon plans.  I consider Arrow Carts to be the MVP of siege weapons.  Those will only run you 6s, so you get a slight break in the siege weapon department.  One death still runs you 1s62c, so you’re adding 7s62c to whatever upgrade you may have queued.  Holding something is a lot more expensive than taking something.

Why WvW Can’t Be Profitable

By now you may be asking why exactly does WvW have to be so financially unrewarding?  Well the answer is unfortunately simple.  Bot farmers and regular players alike would come in and take over.  People could come in and camp for hours and never leave.  Nobody would need to go to another zone to farm gold, everything they need would be inside the WvW instance.  There needs to be enough disincentive to keep only the most dedicated PvPers interested.

Now keep in mind I have been lowballing everything.  Your mileage may vary, and your costs are could be higher.  It’s just the nature of the beast I guess.  Though why they couldn’t come up with a WvW daily,  make dying less financially painful, or come up with some other means of compensating players is beyond me.  Who knows, maybe it’s in the works already.

Would you like to see a WvW daily?  Should death come with a repair bill?  Leave  your thoughts in the comments below!

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0 thoughts on “GW2: Is WvW Financially Sustainable? Part III”
  1. Yes, 60 per path, plus whatever else you get from the chests, drops and what have you. Also seems like blueprints are dropping more, which saves you money on those if you use them. I just usually upgrade mine and donate them to someone who can use them more/better. I have made no study of wvw vs dungeon, but I’m sure someone has. So from drops I’m getting badges/prints/other sellable loot, events give me exp/karma/cash. It’s much more well rounded now, at least in my opinion.

  2. From reset at 7 last night, to about 1030 when I logged off, I made 50 badges. 50 badges! It’s so hard to remember to get the loot bags. I am always walking right past them.

    1. 50 badges for 3 hours seems pretty good compared to how it used to be. I wonder how that would compare to 3 hours of dungeon running? Is it 60 tokens per path?

  3. They patched drop rates a few days ago. There’s loot everywhere. Hell it’s damn near raining loot bags, and you know I can’t kill anything! But seriously, they have fixed the drop rates. I’m making money now. Not much maybe, but I do alot of upgrades at camps and keeps, so that eats into my profits.

  4. How is there nothing to show for it? Why does it always have to be a monetary gain? Loot changed in this patch. So for one thing, I’m getting loot finally and badges aplenty. That’s something. ALso, I spend any where from 2-4 hours DAILY in there. Which means I have 2-4 hour of a game entertaining me. That’s not what I call walking away with nothing. -=D

    1. I’m looking at it in the sense that people that do dungeons or sPvP get ‘something’ for their time in addition to entertainment. I do forget to add in the WvW badges, but they drop so few and take so many, it’s not hard to forget them. Lack of gold impedes my personal progress towards a legendary, getting a new set of gear, etc. I shouldn’t be penalized because I choose to spend my time in WvW as opposed to other game content. Opportunity cost is the fancy term, I believe.

  5. I have been running around with 5 gold on Iri. I used it for repairs, and upgrades. I’ve actually given most of my siege to commanders (I rarely actually place any siege, they do it). I hover about 5 gold. I break about even which is kind of nice for how ever many hours I’m in there. I’m obviously not going to make any money, but hey I’m having fun so…

    1. Breaking even is better than taking a loss, but having nothing to show for the time you invested? That’s my reservation. I won’t stop playing in WvW, but I hope Arenanet will do something about it. Eventually.

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