GW2: Sharkmaw Caverns Vista and Lightfoot Passage Vista

A few stragglers in my Guild Wars 2 vista conquest.  I’m obviously not in a rush to collect ’em all.  If all the expansion talk lately is true, maybe i’ll try and keep up with all the new ones from that point forward.

Lightfoot Passage

You can find this vista in the Straits of Devastation.  It’s a giant underground vista.  I remember being pretty intimidated the first time I saw it.  Luckily I ran across another player who was patient enough to show me.  I kept falling down at a certain spot, but obviously nailed it here on the last try.

Sharkmaw Caverns

This vista is inside the Lion’s Arch zone.  I was able to find the first half fine, but another one of those sneaky hidden passages kept tripping me up.  It was still one of the more fun puzzles to work out.  And I like my armor in that color scheme.

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