I’ve found a few interesting things worth mentioning while reading about update 2.0 Scum and Villainy.  Keep these in mind as you make your preparations for Rise of the Hutt Cartel.

This expansion is now free with a subscription.  You will still retain the expansion if you unsubscribe.

Color Crystals Remain Unchanged

The +41 color crystals will continue to be the best available.  According to a dev post, they will not be introducing a new tier in the Rise of the Hutt Cartel expansion.  This means you’ll get to keep what you have now.  If you haven’t invested in one yet, pick one up.  The color crystals from the Cartel Market can be used starting at level 10.  That’s a lot of use if you drop it on a lowbie alt!

Class Mission Experience

The new Makeb content does not count as class mission XP.  This means that your Legacy Class Mission unlocks will not work.  This also means any Class Mission XP boosts will not work either.  So save your Cartel Coins and credits.  I find this a little odd to go into the first expansion and not make use of the hallowed Legacy system.

Scum And Villainy

The actual 2.0 Patch goes live on April 9th, 2013.  The pre-order head start also begins on April 9th.  The Rise of the Hutt Cartel expansion goes live on April 14th.  Keep these dates in mind when making preparations for the expansion.

Commendations Are A Changin’

Most commendations, anyway.  The warzone commendation system will not changed.  The same limits and conversion rates will apply.  The Planetary Commendations will convert on the 9th.  There are new caps, but there will be a one time ‘over-flow’ extension when the 2.0 Patch goes live.

  • Planetary Commendations – Unlimited Weekly; 50 Maximum
  • Classic Commendations – 200 Weekly; 400 Maximum
  • Basic Commendations – 300 Weekly; 600 Maximum
  • Elite Commendations – 200 Weekly; 400 Maximum
  • Ultimate Commendations – 150 Weekly; 300 Maximum

Commendation Conversion rates will be as follows:

  • Tionese Commendations – 6:1
  • Columi Commendations – 4:1
  • Daily Commendations – 4:1
  • Black Hole Commendations – 1:1

Legacy Achievement System

The new Legacy Achievement system will be account wide.  THANK GOODNESS.

Final Preparations

I hope this little list helps.  I’ll expand on it if I find more worth mentioning.  For now i’m just buying Legacy unlocks (except class missions) as I reach my Free to Play credit cap for preferred status (350k).  What are you doing to prepare for the Rise of the Hutt Cartel expansion?
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2 thoughts on “SWTOR: 5 Things You Need to Know about Rise of the Hutt Cartel”
  1. My big prep was spending my planetary commendations. It looks like those are 1:1, the initial “overflow” cap is 100… and let’s just say that I had way over a hundred total each on Aurhi and Ayd. Also, based on what I was seeing in the forums, it’s worth using your daily and BH comms now if you’ve got them because if prices stay the same as the PTS, things are actually cheaper now. Also, some of the recipes are not going to be offered on the vendors any more, but whether that means they’d coming out of the game or just won’t be available to buy anymore I don’t know — if the latter it’s worth picking them up now.

    My other prep is that unless something comes up where I can’t, I’m taking the 9th/10th off and playing my early access all day 😀 I might wait til the 10th to start Makeb (to let the people in a rush to be first play through so there’ll be a slightly smaller crowd).

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