A lot of SWTOR stuff lately because of Galactic Starfighter.  And now for something completely different.

I feel like i’m coming to about the end of what I can tweak with the warrior Squad Commander build in Guild Wars 2.  With that in mind, i’m starting to put some videos together to show what exactly it is capable of doing.  It’s still a really fun build, and has crazy survivability.  With that in mind, here are two videos to get things started.

The first one shows me taking out a supply camp solo in under three minutes.  Actually had an extra Dolyak in there too, but still managed.  Not exactly the stuff of WvW roaming legend, but if you can take a camp solo, that leaves more resources to deal with something else.

The second one is (most of) a really long fight with (what I think is) a condition warrior.  They did a really good job of snaring me, and bless their little heart, trying to kill me.  I had no buffs, and only a partially built sigil bonus.  It was a good long fight that eventually ended so close to safety, its sad.

If there’s anything in particular you’d like to see, let me know in the comments.

Feel like adding something?

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