SWTOR Guild Ships Info Released

What Guild Ships Will Do

Updated 08/05/2014

In a letter released today, Bioware has outlined what guild ships will do in SWTOR.  Guild Ships were announced for the Galactic Strongholds expansion earlier this year.  So what will guild ships do?  It looks like Guild Ships will be used to conquer planets.

Guild Flagships will offer benefits to guild members by:

  • Buffing Guild members from orbit around certain planets.
  • Instant teleports for groups to your Guild Master.
  • Compete against other guilds in weekly Conquest Events to conquer entire planets!

I’m guessing the Conquest Events are similar to the guild events in Guild Wars 2.

  • You will need 12 characters in a guild to buy a guild bank.
  • You must have 50,000,000 credits in the guild bank to buy a Guild ship.
  • Your first floor is free.
  • Each floor costs 5,000,000 credits and several Frameworks (various types) to unlock.
  • To unlock all 15 floors it will cost an additional 75,000,000 credits and 54 Frameworks.
  • You can also use crafting mats from Operations to make the various frameworks.
  • Each floor increases occupancy and adds decorations.
  • The base occupancy of a guild ship is 50 players.

Types Of Guild Ships

Bioware also announced just what the guild ships will look like.  I couldn’t be happier.  There will be one guild ship for each faction to start, and i’ve posted pictures below.

Republic Valor-class Cruiser

Empire Harrower-class Dreadnaught

Nobody likes delays, but it seemed kind of odd that they would add Guild Ships last.  This delay seems targeted at putting Guild Ships front and center.  It’s something players have wanted for some time now. Given the added content, the delay is ok with me. What do you think about the info on Guild Ships? Is it worth the delay?

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