Why People Hate GSF

Galactic Starfighter Delivers Despite The Hate

All the complaints I see about Galactic Starfighter, herein GSF, fall under two categories.  Rewards and ship power imbalance.  There are some other complaints, but I think they fall into the latter category.  That latter category is actually the result of something completely outside the game itself.  We’ll get to that in a minute!

Galactic Starfighter Rewards

There are no direct rewards for your character from Galactic Starfighter.  When you do warzones, you can get PvP gear.  When you do Flashpoints and Operations, you get PvE gear.  When you do GSF, you get…nothing.  Sure, it’d be nice to get something, but I don’t need it.  I play GSF because I love it.  Every other MMO i’ve played has ground combat.  No other MMO i’ve played has something like this.  Star Wars is mostly about the ships for me, so this is exactly what I want from a Star Wars game.  As for the people who refuse to play GSF because it does nothing for their character, i’d ask them one question.  What does playing SWTOR get for you IRL?  Does Bioware send you t-shirts or energy drinks?  The answer is entertainment.  Everyone plays SWTOR for entertainment.  If you only play for rewards, are you doing all the content possible?  If you hate PvP, are you doing warzones?  It has a reward, so by this logic you should be PvPing, even if you hate it, because there is a reward.

Even if GSF rewarded a set of armor, would you really want it?  I don’t need more gear for my character(s).  Yet another set of armor to fill up your cargo bank.  What are the chances you will even like the way it looks?  I dislike a lot of the artwork in this game.  A lot.  I’d rather not get yet another empty reward that I don’t really need or want.

Bottom line: If you enjoy GSF, play.  If not, don’t.  Wanting a reward that you’ll replace in a few weeks, or not even like, is a really bad excuse.

Perceived Ship Imbalance

This is a big complaint I see a lot.  I’ve heard it from my own friends.  Well, stock ship to mastered ship is not as big a deal as it’s made out to be.  Look at the upgrades that are available on your ship.  You’ll see single digit increment increases (up to 9%) for the overwhelmingly vast majority.  As you progress to the last two tiers, you’ll see 10-18%.  Assuming you are playing for your very first time, you’re looking at a possible overall 18% increase over your own ship.  Complete your first weekly, and you can close that gap substantially.  Even as an F2P player, upgrades up to T3 come pretty quickly.  18% on a few stats, and 9% on the rest is hardly worth getting worked up over.  This isn’t the real disparity players are experiencing.  I think they are blaming their loss on the wrong thing.  The real culprit is voice chat.

When we started fresh on Ebon Hawk, we all had stock ships.  We lost our first few games, and then that was it.  We started dominating on our stock ships.  Why?  Voice chat.  My teammates can call for heals or peels.  That is a very powerful benefit.  Even a warzone lends itself to chat better than GSF.  Stopping your ship to type isn’t an option.  Take a look at the new command ships too.  There are no health bars in GSF.  How is someone supposed to know their team needs heals?  The only option is to drop a drone/pop your heal, and hope someone sees it/is within range.  GSF seems to be built with using voice chat in mind.  This may be a result of all the controversy over premades in WZ queues.  Ships like the Clarion/Imperium force you to get into voice chat to be most effective.  Encouraging more use of voice chat creates more ‘premades’.  This could be a good thing in that Bioware is trying to address controversial issues, albeit in an under the radar way.

More To Come For Galactic Starfighter

Different game modes, more ships, and other ship types are on the way.  Thankfully Bioware seems committed to giving it a fair shake.  GSF is just like warzones.  You gotta take a few losses up front.  The big difference is learning how to navigate a ship versus control a character you’ve been using since…forever.  I lost my first few games on Jung Ma, Jedi Covenant, and Ebon Hawk.  My big tip for getting ahead as a new player is to know what build you want, and stick to it.  I started with Scouts, ended with Strikes.  Started one bomber, ended up liking the other.  I’ve bounced around so much learning new things.  Check out my build page, or one of the videos, and those will be good solid ‘first’ builds for you.  Save yourself some time, and headaches.  And feel free to ask questions on any of my content here.  S’what i’m here for.

Do you agree with the reasons above?  Do you hate GSF for these or other reasons?

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6 Responses

  1. GSF has to many cheats right now, had 1-2 at start but now are way to many like Planetside2 has. People really hate it and population has dropped A LOT the last 2 months. EA dont try or dont want to fix them (they didnt even fix the Shaddaa nightlife achieves), so people dont expect anything better for GSF or most for the game. They translate the cheats into ship imbalance.

  2. Kyp says:

    From a pure stat perspective, upgraded components are not that much of an increase, at least not an insurmountable one. But add in the bonus abilities that you get and I’d argue that there is too much of a gap. In a fully stocked Flashfire for example, you have 2 missile breaks, and fire off 2 cluster missiles simultaneously. On top of that you have a shorter cooldown on missile break abilities, armor penetration and shield piercing. I’d argue that either the ability enhancements or stat upgrades alone would have been enough, but a new player having to face both is terrible.

    I do agree that teamwork is a strong counter to anything, but the only way players will meet each other in GSF is by playing GSF and a new player facing those odds may not stick around long enough to find a team to play with.

  3. Shintar says:

    I don’t get why people would ask for extra rewards from GSF either – playing GSF makes you better at playing GSF, surely that’s good enough? If anything I think it’s a bad thing when games use unrelated rewards to push people into a part of the game they don’t enjoy.

    Most people I know simply don’t care about GSF (“hate” is really too strong a word) because it’s too alien for them. Like you said, it being something you don’t have in any other MMO it can be a big plus – but for many (including myself at the start) it being so completely different from the ground game makes it difficult to get into.

    • Traitine says:

      Makes you wonder how we ever got along with board games, where dice trumped skill. Also, I want to thank you for putting my site on your blog roll. I get multiple visits a day! I looked all over your site for a place to contact you, but couldn’t find one. So, thank you!

      P.S. swtorcommando.blogspot.com for any SWTOR fans.

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