GSF Ship Build Progress

Thanks to some prodding from the Sith guild <Unhinged> on Ebon Hawk, and on my Facebook page, I have added the most recent two ships to my GSF build page.  Unhinged is currently starting up their GSF wing, so if you’re looking for a Sith guild on Ebon Hawk, and you’d like to try out GSF, you may want to give Solidraven a whisper in game.  He’s a super nice guy, and i’m sure he can tell you what Unhinged is all about.  So thanks to Unhinged (and Travis), you get two ship builds in one week!

Sledgehammer / Decimus     Condor / Jurgoran

This leaves one last build.  Technically.  The Comebreaker / Dustmaker is a really bad ship to buy.  Which is sad, because the Cometbreaker is my favorite looking gunship, and one of the best looking ships in the game.  These should be the last ships you unlock, and are not worth flying unless you want to have fun.  Currently I use a double missile build on it.  Maybe i’ll share that, but showing a ‘real’ build for the Cometbreaker/Dustmaker isn’t a priority.

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