What I Miss In SWTOR Playing World of Warcraft

Five Things Azeroth Is Still Far, Far Away On

I’ve started playing World of Warcraft again.  My friend mentioned the game said I hadn’t been on in 3 years just before I logged in.  I have spent the vast majority of that time in Star Wars: The Old Republic.  While playing SWTOR, I have become accustomed to a certain lifestyle it seems.  Not everything in WoW was as I remembered it.  It’s about 85% of the game I thought it was, which is still a pretty good memory I think.  There are some things that I really miss though.


SWTOR’s gathering and crew skill(profession) system is overall better.  Having to swap around characters because you gather X material on one character, and have two crafting professions on the other, is mildly annoying.  Especially when they are an expansion apart.  Also being able to constantly gather materials instead of only when you happen across them is nice as well.  The Garrison system in WoW is a nod to SWTOR, and a step in that direction.  It still falls pretty short, and leaves me a longing feeling for SWTOR’s set-it-and-forget-it system.

Selling Everything

I dislike picking through all my bags to find the annoying little gray items.  While they do stand out thanks to a new marking system, it’s still aggravating.  I keep some gray items in my bags for sentimental purposes, as well as for fishing gear.  So I have to vendor carefully.  I guess a sell all button would probably screw me, but I still want one.  I WANTS IT.

Warzone XP Rewards

Getting at least a little bit of XP for participating in a warzone is nice.  Even if it’s only a little because you just got stomped.  It’s certainly better than wasting 15 minutes, plus time in queue, for nothing.  This hit me in my first Warsong Gulch match.  The enemy team scored once, but it was a close, well fought game.  We ran the clock out on them, and played very well.  We were rewarded with nothing.  No XP whatsoever, because we didn’t cap a flag.  15 minutes of my time was completely wasted.  I had forgotten about this little detail.  It made me pretty mad.  It also hasn’t been the only time either.

Legacy Bank

Swapping around all my characters to find my heirlooms when I got back was annoying as all get out.  Still swapping around characters to find out who has which crafting materials I need also seems archaic.  Even though this is a new addition to SWTOR, it’s not new to MMORPGs in general.  I’m sure Blizzard is looking into it, but for a company who is continually ahead, lagging behind in this area is very surprising.

Food and Drink

And speaking of archaic, LOL at still needing food and drink.  It seems like a holdover from the old vanguard of MMORPGs like EverQuest.  Maybe Blizzard keeps it as a nostalgia thing?  Almost like a cultural tradition to honor the old ways.  I was annoyed at first, having to sit and drink.  Then I listened to myself in my head and decided I was just being impatient.  Still, SWTOR scratches that impatience itch.  I do miss my regen ability.

SWTOR Still Has Its Moments

So there are a few brown spots on Blizzard’s otherwise green, grassy lawn.  More than I remembered at least.  I’m not sure if my lack of memory should be attributed towards time away from Warcraft, or if it’s because I enjoyed myself so much in Star Wars.  Or maybe a little bit of both?  I’m not quitting SWTOR by any means.  It’s a Free To Play game, after all.  I still check in and mess around on the GTN, or maybe fly my GSF daily.  Warcraft still has nothing on GSF, and I think that will always be the case.  There definitely are things from SWTOR that WoW just can’t compete with.  Mainly the Star Wars part, but i’m sure you can think of others!  Leave those thoughts in the comments.  Tell us what you miss from SWTOR most.

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11 Responses

  1. Kyp says:

    I’m a fan of both games and going back to WoW I certainly held it higher regard. One specific aspect I thought was far superior to SWTOR was tab-targeting, but I quickly realized that it’s just as hapless as ToR. Even trying to click on targets isn’t any better than in ToR, however, addons (specifically TidyPlates) makes targeting much better. I hate addons though, hate having to keep up with them and hate having to rely on them to be updated, so I try to keep them as minimal as I can.

    From a PvP perspective I think ToR does a better job balancing the various classes than WoW, not that ToR is perfect by any means, but the variation between the top and bottom performing classes is significantly less than in WoW, so the game just feels a bit more balanced.

    Two major things for me that make WoW a bit more enjoyable at the moment.

    1) Queue times and diversity for BGs vs. WZs is drastically better. Waiting mere seconds for a pop and not getting the same premade over and over makes PvPing much more enjoyable. Hopefully whatever ToR is working on for queue times and server pops will put them more on par with WoW.

    2) Game stability. I know WoW is an older game, but there’s something to say about getting consistent framerates in every BG no matter the size. ToR WZs are all over the place for me in terms of performance, with no known reason as to why. Additionally, throw more than 10 people in the world at the same time while PvPing and expect the game to turn into a turn based card dueling game. Not sure how ToR can fix this without scrapping their craptastic engine.

  2. gravelstein says:

    Sorry, but also wanted to say that about the only good thing about void storage is for the timeless gear. It is accepted and makes a great place for storing those items for new characters needing to gear at 90.

    Edited for above post: Cost to Deposit is now 10g, which is much better than before and actually viable.

  3. gravelstein says:

    Oh, I did leave this tidbit out…void Storage in WoW? Yeah, it’s useless. It’s not a feature…at all. If you try and store heirlooms with enchants? Yeah, those enchants are removed from what I’ve read. And, very limited in what you can store, with a 25g PER ITEM deposit fee. Whoever came up with this version of their idea of shared banking must be a goblin CEO because it’s a gold sink for no return. 🙂

    • Traitine says:

      Void storage is for keeping all that awesome looking gear you want to transmog from. I had almost a page full to store when I came back!

      • gravelstein says:

        Yeah, that’s correct. I thought wrong that it was shared banking. So, SWTOR clearly wins in the shared banking. I am looking forward to the heirlooms tab, though.

  4. gravelstein says:

    Good morning!

    A Wall of Text awaits thee! Enter At Thine Own Risk!

    I also have been playing WoW and recently (in the last few days) have gotten the new Warlords of Draenor expansion. I thought I would respond to your post and each of the items you listed. I enjoy your articles very much, so keep up the good work.

    1. Companions

    Although WoW doesn’t have companions, it has changed professions quite a bit. I’m not sure if I like them yet, but maybe in time they’ll grow on me.

    In SWTOR, I the leveling of professions is still slow and painful to me, unless you do them while leveling. The same is in WoW. However, with SWTOR it’s not as invasive in the time consumption in that you really just need to click a few buttons (one if F2P/Preferred) and then your companion is out of mind until they complete missions. In WoW, raising professions is very time consuming and minigames within the game itself, requiring a large amount of time invested. With Garrisons, this has somewhat been alleviated due to the work orders, although it’s slow starting out. Blizzard has definitely created an excellent incentive for more monthly subscription due to the CD (cool down) of Draenor crafted items. Great on the business end, not so great on the player side.

    Winner: Depends on the player, but for ease I’d go with SWTOR. However, the feeling of accomplishment for creating a crafted item is much greater in World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor due to the work it entails.

    2. Selling Everything
    Contrary to what some may believe, addons are a HUGE part of World of Warcraft. Some may not like it, but I love it due to the fact that if the developers haven’t thought of something that would make the game or UI better, the community can through addons. Many of the current features of WoW would not exist without the community’s dedication and production of many top-notch addons. With that being said, there are MANY addons that one can easily add to WoW (Curse Client works great, especially for newbs) that allow one to sell junk/delete gray items easily. I personally use the addon, Scrap. I also use ElvUI which has it’s own junk seller code as well.

    Winner: Depends on the player, whether you enjoy/hate addons. By default, SWTOR is great. With addons, WoW is better just due to the fact that you can pretty much find anything you need, or even create your own addon.

    3. Warzone XP Rewards
    I love SWTOR pvp. It was literally some of the best player vs player action in any MMO. I enjoy WoW as well, but it’s terribly imbalanced due to the gear factor. I do believe that in Warlords of Draenor (WoD), Blizzard has improved on that aspect, allowing one to grab PVP gear that is viable in PVE, and boosted in item level in PVP. However, a player must keep in mind that when you FIRST enter pvp in WoW, you’re gonna get hammered, steamrolled, smacked, knocked around like a red-headed step child. After this goes on for awhile, you’ll earn enough honor in a short amount of time to get some decent starting pvp gear, and viable entry-level PvE gear for dungeoning starting heroics.

    Winner: SWTOR, to me, is the winner here, although I do enjoying seeing my WoW character improve little by little with the relatively quick earning of PVP gear. However, as far as game balance and especially game maps, SWTOR is the clear winner. There are so many maps on WoW that I loathe, yet you can only remove 2 from your random battleground list. If it were up to me, I would queue for AV, Isle of Conquest, Eye of the Storm, Arathi Basin, Tol Barad (I REALLY miss the battles here), and possibly Warsong Gulch and Twin Peaks (although capture the flag is my least-favorite type of battleground). Don’t get me wrong, you CAN queue for all of the ones I listed above, BUT you don’t receive the Random Battleground Bonus chest if you do. I’ve received so decent gear, money, and bonus honor with the chest, so the trade off isn’t worth it to me. Thus, I must play Strand of the Ancients (not a bad map, but pvp is useless here as it’s a race to destroy pve environment/vehicles instead of destroying the other faction), Battle for Gilneas (hate this map..one of the worst designed), Silvershard Mines (good map, but hardly ever find good groups…constant loss on this one for as long as I can remember), and the Temple of Kotmongu (no one ever fully understands this map while in a PUG [pick up group], and sadly just about all your battles are going to be a PUG. Interesting idea in the development of this map, but terrible for PUG bgs).

    4. Legacy Bank
    There is, currently, Void Storage available that is essentially shared banking, but it’s not cheap. Like you, the main reason I have for using it would be heirlooms and other account shared gear (Timeless Isle gear). Good news, though, concerning heirlooms is that Blizzard is very close (maybe the next patch) to having heirlooms with their own collections TAB, like toys, mounts, and pets. So, no more taking up bank space for all those heirlooms, account wide (all characters will have access from the get-go without having to alt-hop to get access) access, and no more wasting money to send items (although, not expensive to do so I still catch myself running into sending the wrong heirloom to a new toon, getting all the mail without realizing, and not being able to resend due to not having money, leading to alt-hopping for money).

    Winner: WoW, imo, due to the fact that Legacy stuff in SWTOR is tied (for the most part) to real money, especially for the more credit-costly items. For F2P/Preferred, the currency cap is a killer, imo, and a hassle. I won’t get into the greed of EA and some of the most-ridiculous restrictions ever for customers that have literally spent enough money on the game to cover around 2 years of subscription time. For F2P, (some of) those restrictions are okay by me. What’s not okay is having so MANY of those restrictions to those that have helped support the game over several years and getting very little return. Anyway, that’s not the issue here, so end rant.

    5. Food & Drink
    Food and Drink are *sometimes necessary, especially in raids & (few) dungeons (in WoD, that is), but I never used food/drink while leveling until I hit around 85/90, and that’s due to liking the buff periodically. Heck, I don’t even do cooking until I hit Pandaria, due to the ease of maxing the profession.

    Winner: Depends on the player, whether you enjoy cooking/eating/drinking. For me, I never think about it, to be honest, as WoW leveling has pretty much eliminated the need for food/drink while leveling, as most classes have a skill (with short cool down) that compensates for it.

    Final Thoughts

    For the most part, when playing ANY mmo you have to keep in mind to try and NOT play the current mmo like you did your previous mmo. I used to do that, and found that I was NEVER satisfied due to always thinking how much better the previous one was…then, the thought “Then, why did I leave?” pops in, and before you know it you’re back to your old mmo, with hopes that this time it’ll be different. Of course, those hopes are smashed to bits when you realize why you left in the first place, and how totally hates all it’s customers, and must not want my money, etc..etc.. This may be true. Grant it, I believe it’s totally true in many situations, but it ultimately begins with trying to play like . Play for the game itself, looking at the positives of it, read how other players enjoy it, and your experience *may be better. Of course, some mmos are so horrible that there’s no salvation for them, but I don’t think SWTOR or WoW fall in that category. I do have to say, though, that the main reason I don’t play SWTOR any longer IS due to EA and their policy/restrictions/etc, but that’s just me.

    I know it’s a WoT (wall of text), but those are my thoughts. I am currently enjoying WoD, although with the changes, I’m having to learn some things that are alleviating my (sometimes) frustrations. I need to forget how they *used to do things, and focus on “this is how it is” and give it a try and see if it works. I have to say, that as I learn more about the changes and discover the way of doing things, I am beginning to enjoy it more and more. Does WoD have issues? Oh yes. Some things irk me beyond belief, one being the slow gear upgrades while leveling. My warrior was still wearing Timeless Isle (fully upgraded) gear well into level 100. However, I did discover that it was due to me wanting to finish quests/storyline in certain areas. What I should have done (and will due with alts) is as soon as I get the quest, head to Nagrand. That is where the upgrades truly begin. This is disappointing, though, as one is truly punished (upgrade-wise) for wanting to discover the awesome areas/story/lore/events that makes up Draenor. I hope it’s addressed in the near-future, but that’s my quirk as of now.

    Also, regarding GSF, I thought it was poorly implemented in that it is pvp-only, and queue times killed it for me very quickly. Waiting for a group (as preferred customer) was sometimes 30 minutes or longer. If Bioware would design it with solo, 2-person, 3-person, and full group adventures/scenarios, then it would definitely be worth looking at. As it is, I find it boring. But, to each their own!

    Take care and God bless. Happy gaming!

    P.S. In response to the person speaking of group penalty xp, when grouped in WoW every players receives a group bonus to xp if 3 or more people are in the group. This is to offset the xp gain through overpowering mobs while grouped. Think of it from your character’s point of view. Keep in mind the RP of MMORPG because it directly pertains to it here:

    If a mob is killed by multiple people, the mob is easily defeated, thus the “experience” gained while fighting that monster will be less. However, even though the mob was easily defeated, while working together with 2 or more other people leads to different tactics, abilities, etc and thus your character’s knowledge increases in that you gain the experience of working together. This type of experience (group fighting) cannot be experienced while alone.

    As one can see, it all goes back to the RP in MMORPG, with the above being a generalized explanation of the term “experience point”. So, you and your buddy will get less xp while working together, but this should encourage you and your friend to tackle content that will be more challenging, i.e., finding an area that would be near-impossible alone, but great for pairing up, thus giving more “experience” that would then balance the detriment in “face-rolling” through level-equivalent zones. It’s not feasible to gain any experience without challenge. Reminds me of this old painting of a ship at storm with the caption, “Smooth seas do not make skillful sailors.”

  5. Shintar says:

    Last time I dipped my toes into WoW (about a year ago), the thing I missed the most was SWTOR’s group-friendly questing. In WoW your XP gains are reduced instead of increased when you’re in a group, and the vast majority of “pick up this thing” quests don’t share and take ages to respawn.

    • Traitine says:

      I had forgotten about that group penalty. Seems like a bad idea, doesn’t it? I haven’t done much group questing though, unless you count battlegrounds. So that’s probably why I haven’t noticed. I had five friends pushing me to sub and buy the expansion. Couple even offered to pay my way. We played together for a few hours the first night, and then that was that. I should have taken their money! One of them still hasn’t subbed!

      If you ever try WoW again, i’d love to do some PvPing with you. Let me know?! That GSF offer is still good too!

      • Shintar says:

        Thanks for the offer. 🙂 I was going to give WoD a try when Blizzard offered me 10 free days in an e-mail, however I found out since then that those are actually just 10 days of sub time; you can’t level up without buying the expac. I still intend to try it some time, but it’s definitely not worth full price to me just to have a look.

  6. brian17356 says:

    Hey there guy. I hope you have a great New Year. I am still on SWTOR Euro server, Red Eclipse due to more people being on in early morning, which is when I play, crazy as it is. Not sure if I’ll go back to WOW, my eldest daughter still plays it but the Panda’s killed it for me. Anyway, hope to hook up with you at some point. Again: HAPPY NEW YEARS.

    • Traitine says:

      Happy New Year to you too, Brian! And thanks! I kinda breezed through Pandaland myself. It was…interesting. All my friends said it was not that good of an expansion, so I haven’t paid too much attention. I abhor leveling in general. I just want to get to the good stuff. You can tell the good stuff because it always ends in ‘PvP’!

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