7 thoughts on “Marking My Territory In World of Warcraft”
    1. Hah! It’s really just showing I was able to get matching guild name for my site. I’m a worgen fanatic, so the title seemed appropriate.

      Never played WoW though?! It is such a phenomenal game. I’d easily say the story (up through Wrath) is better than SWTOR. SWTOR certainly presents it better though through the choices and cut scenes. And after Wrath, the story takes a dive through Cataclysm and pandaland. I’m on the fence about the current one.

      It’s worth trying one day. Even the free trial to level 20. The early levels have some great story.

      1. Forsaken (also called undead) has an amazing starting zone, imo, along with the worgen one. The stories actually interact at one point, though I think that might be undead and above level 20. Still the starter edition is very much worth trying out. All it takes is disk space and you have unlimited time up to level 20, as many toons as you want (I think). Also worth noting that if you have played previously they recently are allowing former subs to play with the starter edition restrictions, toons up to level 20, free forever and able to join guilds if you have toons > 20 who are in the guild.

        IMO the most recent expansion’s leveling content is up there with makeb and ros in terms of story quality. Not as cinematic for the individual, but some great cinematics tied to zone stories. I would also vouch for the regular storylines, depending on zones, throughout the game. Requires reading for the most part (until MoP and WoD) but warcraft definitely has some quality lore behind it.

      2. The Worgen starting area is really good. It’s so much of a separate story, compared to the other Alliance races. The Humans also have a really great experience. It ties in best with the RTS games for me.

        What a rush of good memories!

  1. Hi guy…..what luck,,I purchased the new WOW at amazon since it was $ 10 cheaper & you did get the disks….well, my cd/dvd pc drive is kaput! I ordered another, so it will be afew days yet before I’m on….this is the kind of stuff that usually happens to me.

      1. Exactly or if you need the cd key to unlock the expac you can still download via the website and just add the cd key when the package arrives.

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