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It Literally Cost Me Money To Quit World of Warcraft

Back in the olden times, it was $155.88 per year for my WoW subscription.  That’s $77.94 for two 6 month subscriptions.  The main reason I hadn’t returned to World of Warcraft was the monthly subscription.  I was spoiled, or at least thought I was, by games that did not require a subscription.  Free to Play like SWTOR or Buy And Play like Guild Wars 2.  I was making an effort to spend less than $15 per month to save money.  Well, that didn’t happen.  One game in particular did stand out as a great value for my money.

Analyzing Yearly Expenses

So it’s been three years, almost to the month, since I left World of Warcraft.  I did a little digging through emails and online account summaries, but I was able to calculate all the money i’ve spent in games for the last three years.  Going through all of it really surprised me.  In pretty much chronological order, I spent:

  • League of Legends $70
  • SWTOR $307.89 (Only $109.95 since Feb 2013)
  • Guild Wars 2 $59.99 (Technically I used a $20 gift card, so $39.99)
  • World of Tanks $40.44
  • Defiance $13.59
  • Star Wars: Battlefront 2 $3.39
  • Transformers: Fall of Cybertron & War for Cybertron WITH Dinobot addon pack $22.47
  • Hearthstone $2.99
  • Diablo 3 $59.98
  • Wildstar $59.99
  • Guns of Icarus $15
  • Star Citizen $85
  • Star Craft 2 $19.98

That comes to $760.71 for 3 years of gaming, or $253.57 per year.  Compare that to $467.64 that three years of World of Warcraft would have cost me at $155.88 per year.  That’s $293.07 extra over three years, or $97.69 per year!  That’s almost $100 more each year!  If you really want to boggle the mind, it cost me $9 per month to drop my $15 per month subscription!  Crazy.

My Shining Star

I do want to point out SWTOR was actually the biggest bang for my buck once I returned after Free to Play hit.  Of the $307.89 I spent on SWTOR, $120 was for the Collector’s Edition, and $77.94 for my first 6 month subscription.  That’s two-thirds of the total cost.  That leaves about $187 to spread out over 22 months.  That’s almost two years of SWTOR, for the price of one year of WoW.  SWTOR F2P works people, if you play it right!

Wasted Money?

Some of these games I don’t play anymore, and some I haven’t even booted up once.  Yes, some of them are a waste of money admittedly.  Most of them, however, I can go back to at any time.  Consider them more of a long-term investment.  I’ve taken several 6-9 month breaks from League of Legends, but I always manage to find myself logging back in.  I’m glad I left World of Warcraft.  I learned a lot about what I like in games, which is a topic for another day.  I also met a lot of awesome people, and you can’t put a price on that.

How much do you spend each year on games?

3 thoughts on “What Free To Play Games Cost Me. Literally.”
  1. I don’t even remember the last time I bought a new game; the last couple of single player games I got were all gifts.

    FTP SWTOR continued to cost me as much as subscription SWTOR, as I’ve remained subscribed throughout and didn’t buy anything else for a long time. It was only last year that I bought some cartel coins for once. And I’m OK with that!

    Oh, and I also paid Perfect World some money for goodies in Neverwinter. I don’t remember the exact amount, but I do remember that I compared it to the cost of a six-month sub in other games.

    I’m glad I left World of Warcraft.

    Aren’t you back to playing it now?

    1. Yes! I’m glad I left for the experience. The grass always seems greener on the other side, until you visit the other side. Now when a particular game feature annoys me, I can make a more well informed critique. The grass may actually be greener on the other side, but not quite as green as it looked through the single-mmo lens. Make sense?

      1. Yeah, though for me personally it was actually the opposite: I used to think that nothing could be better than WoW (while not actually playing anything else), but now that I’ve been out and about and have seen other games, Warcraft has lost most of its appeal.

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