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swtor credit farmingI was watching a Reddit thread about making credits in SWTOR.  A Redditor claimed you could make 300k/hour just by farming mobs, and that dailies were a terrible way to farm credits.  Well, i’m pretty proud of my daily quest hub guide.  So in defense of her honor, and because if I could earn 300k/hour I wanted to know, I set out on yet another credit farming experiment.

To Ilum, And Beyond

The HEROIC 2+ on Ilum is where the alleged credit mine existed.  So I hopped the first transport terminal to Ilum, and picked up the daily quest for the HEROIC 2+.  at approximately 0932 hours, I was off and gunning for gold.  Now admittedly I wasn’t breaking any land speed barriers.  I’d kill a group, take a bite of Chex Mix.  Kill two groups.  Send my companion off to sell the gray items.  I wasn’t speed pulling by any means, but I was going at a normal pace.  The same pace i’d do dailies at.  After about 10 minutes, I had finished the quest.  From here I just ran group to group, slaughtering everything.  After about 30 minutes at 1053 hours, I stopped.  I wasn’t making anywhere near 300k credits an hour.  I was however, making about half that amount.

Analyzing The Returns

I raked in 88,761 credits in 30 minutes.  That includes the daily quest, and all green and gray loot, and a small repair bill.  That’s 2959 credits per minute net profit.  Not bad at all!  And yet, there was still more.  2959 credits per minute beats every daily hub except Corellia.  Without the daily quest, that’s 2528 credits per minute.  Still an impressive haul, considering it’s just straight farming mobs.  No quests, just tedious killing.  As a consistent source of credits, that’s REALLY impressive.

Pleasant Surprises

Naturally this makes me wonder about  straight farming in other areas.  Yavin IV comes to mind as a place where the mobs and their loot may return a substantial amount of credits as well on their own, outside of daily quests.  If you’re an avid credit farmer, this is pretty exciting stuff.  It means you can build your credit wealth on a fairly consistent basis.  Your time spent versus reward won’t be much different from daily quests, and there’s much less running around.  It’s also literally right next to where you zone into Ilum as a Republic character.  For me though, it means something else.  Two somethings, to be exact.  First, I need to buy some stronghold decorations to distance myself from the preferred credit cap.  Second, it looks like i’m going to be logging into SWTOR again.

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      1. Hey guys!
        With level sync in play this may not be possible anymore. I’ve been through just doing the heroic and aggro’d an extra mob and nearly got my ass handed to me. Once I get through all the 4.0 stuff and I get my gear on par I’m gonna look for ways to do it again. It may never be quite as profitable but it’s a challenge and I’m gonna find one way or another. The only way to find the limits of anything is to push, push, push. It may be a few weeks but when I do have results I’ll come back to post the info.

  1. You’re doing it wrong. Don’t kill one group at a time. Take the whole field. Like 5-9 mobs at a time and use your companion to aggro out of reach mobs. Give or take 100k I make about 1 mill per hour. The loot is insane if you can do it this way. Per pull I can loot between 5-11k in creds plus up to as many as 5-6 armor pieces. Sometimes none though or only a few. Roughly per half hour I get a full inventory of armor but the hidden gold is the junk loot. I get between 40-90k just in junk loot per full inventory. Armors sell for about 1.5-2k for most regular items plus a few premium armors (5-9k?) and the Aim datacron sells for 30-80k on the GTN. I have a stack of 50 something of those.

    Don’t show up with a single target dps. Use something with lots of AOE’ and dots don’t hurt either. My Serenity Shadow is bloody perfect for the task though I’ve seen commandos do well also. Drop some dots on the golds then whirling blow and Force in Balance for the win. After aggro I can kill 9 mobs in about 45 secs to a minute and a half depending. This all may change soon due to the level sync about to happen in 4.0 so beware. As a Shadow I can do most all the dailies in under 3 hours and net about 700-900k but in the same time not traveling anywhere I can get about 3 mill. Depends on how many ppl are around. The more the better I think. As more ppl show up the respawn happens way faster. I can kill 9 mobs, then another 7 mobs and the 9 I just killed have already respawned. There’s a bit of a trick to it all but I’ve given you way too much info already. Realistically since the level increase to 55 I’ve pulled about 250mill from Ilum. Be mindful of other players while doing this. Don’t aggro or snipe mobs from others unless they are being dicks first. Some ppl are just passing through doing their class missions or dailies so be cool and even helpful if you’re up to it. I help all the lowbies do Darkness on Ilum cause I never forget where I came from and how many ppl helped me get to where I am today.


    1. What class/companion Combo are you using? Maybe that’s the difference. I’m using saboteur spec as a smuggler, so I have the AoE. I just aggroed everything to me, and used Treek to heal me. I actually died once because I aggroed too much!

      Maybe a tank pet would be better if you play a class that can off heal at least?

      1. Hmmm! Can I ask how many spawns you aggro’d? Level 60 as well? I have a pretty decked out shadow as my main. Has a full 6 piece bonus (Serenity Shadow dps). I use all my buffs, a reusable willpower stim, and I use only my attack buffs like force potency, adrenals and I use no defensive cd’s at all. The only reason I use buffs are to speed up the process of downing the mobs. After aggroing I can literally just sit there with my jet pack and not get knocked off with 9 mobs on me. Ofc I’m taking some armor damage like 9k repair bill every full inventory but my health barely ever moves. I do have 2 self heals but I never use them because I need to.

        They just don’t seem able to hurt me at all. Sometimes I lose %10-20 health during a fight but I only use HK-47 as my companion. I’ve never used resilience to stop damage and I’ve never needed to even top up my health with my regen item at least since level 60 after fights. I do use my force in balance near the end of the fight to top off what little damage to health I have taken (self heal). I almost never use my other self heal during these fights (single target). I always assumed I wasn’t taking damage because I was up 10 levels from the npc’ but I’m wondering if a passive ability may be giving me a defense bonus that I hadn’t taken into account.

        I’ll be looking for one today but If you can recommend a program to record my gameplay tonight I’ll make a vid to show you guys in detail what I’m doing. Thanks for not getting bent out of shape by my “You’re doing it wrong” comment. I have a way with words so bear with me. Lolz!

        I have notifications set for this post so I’ll keep coming back till we get this worked out. =)

      2. FRAPS is the “standard”. It costs like $30 though. The free version will only do 30 sec increments.

        You can try using Twitch to stream it, and make sure you have settings set to save broadcasts. That’s doable with $0, and a little effort on your part.

        As for getting bent out of shape, I’d much rather know if I’m wrong! That’s too many credits to pass up over an internet pissing contest! Besides, my goal is to genuinely help people. If you know a better way, I’d love to be able to show it to others.

        What server are you on? Depending on our schedules, I have FRAPS and Twitch set up. I might could record it just for funsies if you’re on Ebon Hawk.

      3. Right on! Always glad to meet easy going peeps just after knowledge. It’s too bad but I’m on Jedi Covenant cause that would’ve been great to have another person there but not to worry. I’m off work now and I’m headed to read about twitch and Fraps now on my commute. Hopefully I can get some for you to see by tonight or tomorrow. Got kids and fam so bear with me as there is just never enough time.

      4. Take your time. Won’t be able to get to it until Friday at the earliest myself.

        I can tell you that using Twitch you’ll need broadcasting software. OBS has been the best for me, and it’s free.

      5. I’m good to go and have Fraps set up perfectly. Thanks for referring that. I recorded last night and again this morning but I need more of a clear field to show you guys the real potential but there are others there. Soon as I get a good take I’ll post on YouTube and drop a link here for you. Fraps is awesome.

      6. Looks like 10k/minute plus junk loot and auction proceeds. That’s probably right close to your 900k estimate. Watching the video, it looks like it’s probably melee specific? I pulled groups like you did and died on my smuggler. Still looks profitable though if you can manage the spawns! Thanks man, good job.

      7. I don’t think so. There is a commando who rolls through here like I do doing the same thing and there’s a Smuggy who just runs through the whole area who just kills it. He just constantly runs through pulling more aggro than me sometimes and he owns it but I haven’t watched him that closely to see how he does it. I can see his laser fire over my head from the other end of the heroic. It’s pretty bad ass. He doesn’t ride a mount like me though. Just runs through the area with damn good range too. He snipes from me all the time but we’re still kinda cool with each other. Sorry off topic. I’ve mostly found that melee classes arethe ones that suffer here the most. Mostly single target dps classes that can’t kill efficiently enough to take the mobs down fast enough. We’re both light armor wearers, just wondering how it’s possible for me but not you. Most ppl I see don’t take much damage but not that I watch them closely at all as I’m usually doing my thing. Can I ask what your gear is like? Feeling pretty awful about this. Sorry thus far. I always thought everyone could do this so long as they’re a geared 60.

    1. Yessir. I should probably get a map for Imperial players huh? I made it to 50 on a Bounty Hunter back at launch, and I don’t think I ever landed on Ilum with an Imperial after that. I’m more of a Republic fanboy I suppose.

  2. you should try Wookiee Revolt Heroic on Corellia – it is roughly 20k in 2 minutes by killing all mobs and resetting the phase after that. Bring an AOE Class though, a lightning sorcerer would be great.

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