How Much WoW Gold Would a WoW Token Buy if a WoW Token Could Buy WoW Gold?

The WoW Token Prices Gold at $20, But How Much is $20?

I know this is a day early, but I have a feeling that WoW will release the WoW token tomorrow.  The auction house is set up for it already in World of Warcraft, and Blizzard has done lots of announcing and explaining.  All that’s left is to see what the gold exchange rate will be.  WoW isn’t the first MMORPG publisher to sell gold like this though, but this is WoW’s first big step towards the free to play realm.

The Real Value of a WoW Token

A few friends and I were talking about the whole WoW token thing.  We were telling another friend about it in case she wanted to come back to WoW.  We threw around a few numbers as to how much gold it might cost.  I decided to put up a poll here on the website using those numbers.  Depending on when you find this post, it may be to the right on the sidebar, otherwise i’ll be throwing it at the end so you can vote yourself.  And please do vote!  I want to see if we can nail the price day one!

Essentially, you have to ask yourself how much WoW gold would you expect to buy with $20?  As of the time of this post, it looks like our numbers were a little low.  The majority of you guys seem to want a premium for your money!  And I don’t blame you.  Of course some people put a premium on convenience, others instant gratification, but it all depends on your income.  If you make $20/hour for example, then you’re basically trading WoW gold for an hour at your job.  If you make $10/hour, that’s two hours you’re trading for gold.

You should really ask yourself two things: How much gold should you get for working an hour at your job, and how much gold can you make in an hour?  Because you’re trading time for money.  Unless you’re at work, playing WoW, in which case the lines get blurry.  And also in which case, you should e-mail me an application.  Because I want your job.

I did a mini-experiment today when I logged into WoW.  I wanted to see how much gold I could earn in an hour.  I queued up for an Ashran event group, and once I got in, I started the clock ticking.  I earned about 1000 gold in an hour with Ashran.  I’m pretty sure Ashran isn’t the best place to farm gold.   I’d guess it’s on the medium to low end of how much gold you can earn in an hour if you were really motivated.

  • Dust from DEing armor pieces: 200g
  • Converting Honor to weapons: 600g
  • Various daily area quests: 200g
  • Converting bones in Gladiator Sanctum: ?
  • Follower dailies while completed during the hour: ?

As you can see, I think 1,000 gold in an hour is easily done.  Heck, I’ve had 1,000 and 1500 gold follower quests before!  Maybe a third question to ask yourself is how much time would you expect to save for $20?

Buy WoW Tokens, Not WoW Bans

Finally, Blizzard is letting you buy gold.  No worries about bans, suspensions, or other trouble.  Remember to check the auction house on your server first!  That way you will know how much gold you are getting up front, so there shouldn’t be any surprises.  The first week ought to be CRAZY with prices.  Low or high, nobody can say for sure yet.  I predicted a few years ago that WoW would be free to play by now.  Man, was I wrong.  Still, this continues the baby steps towards an F2P model.  They recently made free trial accounts accessible to former subscribers.  Now we’re getting subsidized WoW subscriptions.  I think what comes next for WoW will depend greatly on the WoW token.  My vote is 5000 gold.  What’s yours?  Vote now!

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5 Responses

  1. Shintar says:

    WordPress is so weird once again, it wouldn’t let me vote as a WordPress user and kept telling me that my username was invalid… you mean that same username I’m using to comment here right now? /shakes fist… At least it allowed me to vote anonymously.

    I also voted for “more”, and I would expect the WoW token to go for at least 10-20k gold. Instead of gold per hour I’d rather think of it as doubling down on my subscription, so I would expect the amount of gold bought to make a significant difference to my play style. And when my pet tank and I dabbled in Mists of Pandaria for a bit over a year ago, we levelled a pair of characters from 1-90 on a server we had never played on before, and I ended that adventure with about 15k gold to spare. So I would expect selling a WoW token to earn at least as much again.

    • Traitine says:

      When I came back, I started with 15k each on my Paladin and Warrior. When I finished Pandaland, both had 15k. When I hit 100, both had 17k. Almost seems like a science!

      I obviously have no grasp on WoW economics right now. I guessed about 1/8 of my total wealth. Maybe the average player is sitting on 8x more than me? Either way, I have a lot of grinding ahead of me.

  2. Todd says:

    Frankly, I wouldn’t even look at it for less than 20, and it should be higher. It’s a month worth of subscription. Blizzard means this as a gold sink for gold capped players as well as a way for people who can’t farm to be able to get black market auction house stuff. Plus they have to be competitive with the gold sellers to draw people away. 20k is a minimum for that.

    • Traitine says:

      Looks like you were dead on! I guess I have no idea how much gold the average player has. I have probably 40k across all 4 of my characters, but I have been leveling a ton, not farming per se. Not only that, but buying glyphs and enchants. I haven’t reached the point yet where I don’t need gold anymore. Again, great call on the exchange rate! I have a Heroes of the Storm beta key if you want a prize?

      • Todd says:

        Keep it for a contest or something. I only made my conclusion based on others telling me what the black markets were selling gold for, plus knowing that Blizzard likes big gold sinks. Interesting to see the price drop over time (assuming it has continued this morning).

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