Can You Really Play World of Warcraft For Free?

What It Takes To Farm Enough Gold To Buy WoW Tokens

That’s THE big question, right?  The figurative holy grail of video games!  Playing World of Warcraft for free!  Thanks to WoW Tokens, this is possible now.  Of course like all things in life, nothing is really ever free.  Let me repeat that.  Nothing is free.  Even if you’re doing something you enjoy (playing the game) while earning the gold to buy your WoW Token, you’re still giving up spending that gold on something else: Enchants, starter gold for a friend/alt, potions, glyphs, and so on.  In Economics, that’s called opportunity cost.  But this isn’t economics class, so let’s just get to the point.  As I often do, I am experimenting with how much effort it takes to make enough gold to buy a WoW Token.  Below is my uber-nerd spreadsheet for you to see.  You can come back to this post at any time and judge for yourself.

enough gold for wow tokenResults

Based on how similarly you spend your game time, below is what you can expect when trying to calculate your WoW Token gold farming efforts.  See my activities in the next section. Generally speaking, if you like PvE at all, you’re going to make a lot more gold than me.

Game Activities

Obviously what I do in game is very relevant.  Below are my in-game activities, in the order which I spend the most time on.  These are rough estimates.  This isn’t scientific, because i’m not a scientist, and you didn’t come here for science either!  Just relax, and take it for what it’s worth.  Free, right?

  • Garrison Missions
  • Ashran
  • Gladiator Sanctum
  • Arenas
  • Auction House
  • Leveling

Historical Data

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