Strange Ways To Earn Gold In World of Warcraft

How To Make Gold In WoW

So everyone needs gold at some point.  Starting over on a new server recently, I needed gold for riding skills, glyphs, and transmogging.  Even though I started with a Death Knight at 55, I was still hurting for gold.  Since I just came back to WoW, hitting daily quest hubs or playing the Auction House weren’t really options for me.  Then one night, I started reading chat.  This article pretty much wrote itself right then and there.  People were paying hundreds of gold for some really…weird things.

Professional Guild Signateur

No, I didn’t misspell signature!  But I think you can guess what i’m getting at.  I got paid 300g to sign a guild charter one night.  Then 10 minutes later, I got paid 250g to sign another one.  I’m not picky, I’ve also done it for as little as 10 gold too.  Gold is gold, don’t get snobby!  If you’re just joining a server to check things out, there’s no reason to dedicate yourself to a guild.  Put some coins in your purse, and help found someone’s dream guild.  Worth noting, in my experience, make they will trade you the gold before you sign.  If you sign first, your name is stuck on their charter until the guild is founded.  Which could be longer than you anticipated.  Make sure you get paid for the risk you’re taking!


Mages can make some serious gold portaling people.  Lots of players are paying for convenience.  This is probably one of the most often requested things I see in chat.  You do have to be a mage to take advantage of this, but if you’re debating between a mage and another class, having the ability to portal others for gold is a serious advantage to consider.  It doesn’t cost you anything but time.

In Game Events

The recent Love is in the air event gave low level players a chance to make some money.  The Lovely Charm Bracelets are not bound, so you can trade them.  I traded mine for 10g-20g each.  I saw someone offering 50g once!  During Winters Veil, you can sell eggs that drop off low level bird mobs for a crazy amount of money on the Auction House because of the Greatfather cookie quest!  Whatever event is going on could bring you an opportunity to cash in.  Watch the trade chat, and see what people are buying.  If it isn’t bound to you, sell it!

Lazy Professionals

I picked up herbing and mining for professions on my Death Knight to try and make some gold.  Of course I wanted to level my skill to be more efficient in Outland, so I took a walk in Elwynn Forest.  After about 10 minutes I had ended up with a ton of low level mats.  Ick.  I decided to put them on the Auction House to see what I could get for them.  I was shocked and amazed.  Some were selling for a gold apiece! Granted this depends on your server’s economy, but I was paid a ridiculous amount of gold for something that was literally right outside Stormwind’s front gate.  You won’t make a fortune, but you’ll make it worth your time.

Golden Opportunities Abound

This is just a quick list from a few nights in chat.  I noticed a lot of patterns, and thought they were worth sharing.  These are all things you can do while you’re in town.  They all take barely any time at all.  For a new character, a few hundred gold in a few minutes time can really make your leveling experience a lot more comfortable.  I’ll keep this guide updated as the chat scrolls.  You keep me updated with your ideas in the comments.

If all else fails, there’s always Goldshire…

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