Ashran Artifact Fragments

There are some big changes on the way for Ashran. I think most of them are good, and I am eager to see the results.


  • New Area: Ashran Excavation and New Event: Apexis Marks
    • At certain times, spirits of fallen Arakkoa haunt the Ashran Excavation. Defeat them and bring proof of their demise to Rukmaz, the ghostly caretaker of the Apexis vault. First team to show Rulmaz 50 marks wins.
  • Reward Changes
    • Winning an event now awards Honor instead of Conquest.
    • Defeating Grand Marshal Tremblade or High Warlord Volrath no longer awards a Gleaming Ashmaul Strongbox.
    • New Weekly Quest: Slay them All!
      • Defeat 200 300 enemy players. Awards Conquest.
    • New Weekly Quest: Ashran Dominance
      • Win 5 events each event in Ashran and defeat the enemy faction leader. Awards Conquest and a Gleaming Ashmaul Strongbox.
    • New Repeatable Quest: Continue the Dominance
      • Win 5 events each event in Ashran and defeat the enemy faction leader. Awards Conquest.
  • General Ashran Changes
    • Players are now automatically placed in a raid when entering Ashran.
    • Events now occur more frequently.
    • Event: Collect Empowered Ore now requires 20 ore to win (up from 10).
    • Event: Risen Spirits now requires 20 captured spirits to win (up from 10).
    • Event: Stadium Racing now requires 5 laps to win the race (up from 3) and the maximum speed a racer can reach is 300% (down from 500%).

I think this will result in a lot more of the wPvP players have been asking for.  With this renewed interest, I think it’s a good time dor a review.  When I first got into Ashran, I noticed I was getting Artifact Fragments.  I had no clue what they were for.  When I started asking, I got some conflicting advice from others.  Finally, three level 100s later, I think I have it figured out.  I’ve outlined the best way(s) to use your artifact fragments.  It’s a very streamlined guide for anyone new to Ashran.  It’s a quick read too, so if  you plan to set foot in Ashran, it’s worth your time.

ashran map

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