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fastest way to level in wod
Stock up on XP boosting supplies!

I hate leveling.  HATE IT.  Coming back after three years left me 10 levels on my free boosted character, 15 levels on two old characters, and 45 levels on a shiny new Death Knight.  Ugh.  Given all that experience going from 90-100, and a new thread in Reddit every other day, I want to put it to good use.  Using all of the below, you could probably level 90 to 100 in 8 hours in WoD.

Hurry Up And Wait For XP Potions

Get to 90, and then just let it sit for a while.  Level a new alt, focus on another game, just be sure to manage your garrison.  Send out followers and pick up your garrison resources.  I know it seems strange, but you have to be careful about managing your Garrison resources especially.  If you want to upgrade your garrison as it becomes available, you’ll need all the garrison resources up front.  It is doable though, especially if you have a weeks worth of extra garrison resources.

XP Potion Boost

If you’re really wanting to charge full speed ahead, you can buy an XP boost potion from a vendor in your garrison.  Excess Potion of Accelerated Learning boosts your XP by 20%, and can be bought for 100 Garrison Resources.  This is especially easy when you can start leveling with extra resources!

Get Started By Resting

Logging out in a tavern or other area that gives you rested XP is the best way to start.  Rested XP goes toward killing mobs and gathering materials from nodes.  Whenever you log, make sure you’re in a rested area.  You’ll get about 3 boxes of rested XP per 24 hours.


With the standard heirlooms, you can boost your XP by 40%!  Heirlooms work the same way as rested XP.  They boost nearly all XP except for the actual XP from quests.  Mobs, gathering nodes, and so on, all benefit from your heirlooms.  The heirloom vendors can be found in the Hall of Explorers in Ironforge for the Alliance, and in the Rogue’s Quarter of the Undercity for Horde.

Heirlooms have 3 parts, and you will need all 3 for 90-100.  The base piece goes up to level 60, and costs 500g – 800g.  The first upgrade takes it to level 90, and costs 1000g – 1200g.  The final upgrade to 100 will cost 2000g – 5000g.  Once you buy them, you can make unlimited copies of them from your Collections tab.  Upgrading automatically upgrades any and all copies across your account.

You can still get some heirlooms the old fashioned way (Argent Tourney, for example).  But you can buy all heirlooms for gold from the vendors, except for the ring.  You have to win a fishing tournament to get the heirloom ring.

While You’re Questing

Do the bonus objective areas.  In case you didn’t see my little experiment, the bonus objective areas are a HUGE source of XP.  It’s about 4x the amount of XP you get from a single quest, but only takes the same amount of time to complete.  You will be amazed.  There are several bonus objective areas in every zone, i’d strongly suggest you make a point to hit them all.

Random Dungeons

Dungeons give tons of XP.  You can start queuing for a random dungeon right away at level 90.  There are three sources of XP raining down on your little lowbie head.

  • Random Dungeon XP Bonus
  • Mission Objective Bonus
  • Mob Kill Bonus

This is the perfect storm of XP, and each dungeon generally takes about 20 minutes.  If they go smoothly, of course.  With all the above heirlooms, rested XP, and XP elixirs, you can easily clear 80k+ XP in a single dungeon.

The Little Things Add Up

Just being overall efficient can help speed up things too.  When you hop on a gryphon, go take a bio break or refill your glass of water while in flight.  Waiting for dungeon queue?  Farm groups of mobs or quest while you wait.  Whenever you pass a vendor, be sure to sell your junk and repair if possible.  There are a million little time hacks you can use to keep things moving forward.  If you have a tip for fast leveling in WoD, leave it in the comments.  In the meantime, why are you still reading?  Get to leveling!

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