How Heroes Influenced My Purchase Decision On eBay

Kinda crazy right?  WTF does Heroes of the Storm have to do with eBay?  Well, it was more of an experience I had in Heroes than the game itself.  Specifically, playing Hero League (ranked).  Actually it was several experiences which influenced said decision.  Let me paint a picture for you.

The eBay Object Of My Desire

I play a not-video game called Warmachine.  It’s a tabletop game where you buy and assemble the pieces (referred to as models), then paint ’em up.  A lot more involved than just logging into a video game and jumping right into the action.  Anyhow, this particular model runs $135 USD retail.  A bit rich for my blood.  I saw one on eBay for about half price.  Then I looked at the seller, and noticed he had a 0% feedback rating.  Two good, and two bad.  Still, PayPal guarantees your money back on purchases.  At worst, I was going to need to file a complaint against the seller.  Five minutes of aggravation tops.  I’ve had to do this before, unfortunately, so I am familiar with the process.  On the plus side of things, I was going to save $70 USD.  I don’t even make $70 in an hour, so this seemed like a good risk-reward scenario.

My Heroes of the Storm Experience(s)

So what kind of messed up, twisted experiences did I have in Heroes?  I’m glad you asked.  Let me share with you, my experience in Hero League so far.

  • Game one I lost.  My teammates didn’t talk in chat, ping, or respond to my pings.  It was awful.  Game two, I got teamed with the EXACT SAME PLAYERS.  Guess how that ended up?  I was a little bitter in Draft chat on round two, so that didn’t help.
  • Another game we had a player refuse to go with the team comp we were discussing.  Instead, he decides to pick a champ he has never played before.  In a ranked game.  And he trolled us in chat the entire time.  Imagine playing a class for the first time in a ranked match.  We lost that game, in a surprise to nobody.
  • In yet another game, the first two players chose supports.  I mention that we’re going to need to be careful in our comp selection, because we’re going to need some damage dealers.  And guess what the next player picks?  If you guessed something useful, you were wrong.  A third support.  Yes, three consecutive Hero picks on my team for supports.  Guess how that game ended?  Here’s a clue: As a team we got one player kill the entire game.  Also note it took almost half the usual time as well.
bad hots games
Proof you just can’t make this stuff up.

In Quick Match games (unranked), I win a little over 50% of my games.  Now there are some pretty awful players in QM.  I imagine mostly new players, so I put the blame on ignorance.  But In Heroes League, the so called competitive ranked scene, the players are just terrible.  I’m talking attitude, not skill.  I’ve only won 33.3% of my Hero League games by comparison.  I would have thought that joining the queue with more competitive minded players would yield equal or better results.  I’m still waiting to see those kinds of players.

The Life Lesson

I messaged the eBay seller about the item, and through the back and forth I let him know I was concerned about his rating.  He said he completely understood, and explained that his rating was a long story.  I can understand how others who think they know best can really screw your rating over.  Unreasonable expectations and bad attitudes can make you look bad, through no fault of your own.  I’ve dealt with that on eBay myself.  Now I am not without blame for my HotS losses.  I am certainly no pro-HotS player.  I just do not feel that my current stats reflect anything close to my current level of skill.  I accept part of the blame myself, but I place the majority of the blame on my teammates up to this point.  The future will tell whether I am really that bad.  And whether giving that eBay seller a chance was worth it.

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