Some Things You Might Have Missed On Draenor

It’s kind of funny to see people discover something for the first time, a little later than everyone else.  I’ve seen a lot of people mentioning they just realized this or that feature was available in chat, or on Reddit.  Sometimes it’s a game mechanic, and sometimes it’s just a cool visual.  Below are the ones I see the most.  Now you TOO can discover something for the first time!  After it’s been around 6 months…

Ever stopped to read one of these?
Ever stopped to read one of these?

The LFG Tool Is Your Friend

And not just because it’s a convenience.  The LFG tool has a couple of hidden uses.  The first being that you can jump into other players’ garrison.  Just go to the LFG tool, select the Custom option, and then find group.  You can find out which players have the Dust Trader, which players have an Enchanter’s Hut to DE items, a particular garrison quest or feature, or even as a roleplay setting!  This is actually pretty rewarding to see people offering up their garrisons so selflessly.  Makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside right?  They don’t get any benefits from letting you use it, so be sure to tell them thank you when you’re finished!

Free Follower For Your Fort

Try saying THAT five times fast.  Now that you’re done talking to yourself, how about that free follower?  Once you establish your Garrison on Draenor, you’ll get a quest to go to Stormshield/Warspear Outpost.  Once you get there, you can pick up a Pandaren follower named Fen Tao.  For Alliance, Fen Tao is standing next to the entrance of the town hall.  For Horde, Fen Tao is standing next to the Inn.  All you have to do is talk to him, and he becomes yours.

Caffeine Is Your Friend

If running around in your mine to gather ore is getting tedious, you’re gonna love this.  Blackrock Coffee stacks!  That’s right, you can keep chugging it and keep speeding up!  I find that 3-4 will keep me running through an entire pass of a level 3 mine.

You Can Say Goodbye To Your Followers

I’m sure you’ve noticed how your followers are all walking around, living in your garrison.  But did you know they also leave your garrison?  The next time you finish sending out your followers on missions, run outside your garrison.  You can watch those same followers leave your garrison!  It’s not next-gen, or game changing, but it’s a nice touch.

Stop And Smell The Roses

Sometimes we speed through one part of the game to get to another.  It’s not really hard to believe we’d miss some of the little things.  I just realized that I need to stand in the little blue runes on the ground that come from having a Mage Tower in your Garrison.  I’m sure you’ve had a similar experience, so why don’t you share yours?  What did you miss on your first run through Draenor?

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