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How To Start PvPing In World of Warcraft

Starting PvP can be a little daunting for some people.  It’s a pretty common question asked on Reddit, so I imagine other players get the same question too.  PvP follows a progression just like PvE.  But where do you start, and where does the progression take you?  That’s what I’m going to talk about here.  This guide is also perfect if you want to get your guild or group into PvP as well.  Once you’re done with this guide, you can check out my guide for gearing for PvP.  They work hand-in-hand, so between them you have everything you need to know about starting PvP!

Start With Duels

Duels are a fantastic way to learn what your class can do, and what each class can do to you. The more classes you have played, the better off you will be in PvP.  Generally right outside your Garrison is a good place to find duels, as well as inside Ashran near the PvP vendors.  If you just want to start low key with a friend, pick a spot off the beaten path. This is great for a guild, to have your own little private training ground. A lot of PvP is about trust and teamwork. This helps to start building that framework. You can fight two at a time and have everyone watch, or just have a sprawling, ongoing challenge train!

Group Up For Battlegrounds

Next up, basic battlegrounds.  This is where you start to learn about group PvP.  Solo queuing is pretty self explanatory.  If you have a group, do your best to form balanced teams for normal BGs. Healer, FC(tank), and DPS. This part will be challenging, keeping friends together, and maintaining balanced teams. First few times, I’d stick with 5 man small teams. Eventually work up to a full team.

Test Your Teamwork In Rated Battlegrounds

You should be fully geared at this point. This is the pinnacle of team PvP.  You’ll want to read up on some strategies to decide ahead of time how you want to carry the flag, or which bases you want to take and hold.  If you are solo, watch LFG chat for RBG groups, or use the LFG tool.  As a group it is even more challenging because you will be facing other groups.

Make PvP Part Of Your WoW-Life

These are just steps, not a rigid schedule. You may want to do a few duel nights, then BGs, maybe back to duels if you have some new players. Encourage arenas and Ashran between PvP nights as well.  Getting to know each other is the biggest takeaway from these events.  Morale is the best reward you can get.  Learning each player’s favorite class and spec is also important, so everyone knows what everyone is capable of.  If you have a guild, suggest a PvP night.  A regular schedule keeps people on top of their game.  If you’re more of a lone wolf type, set your own PvP night.  Head to a dueling area for a bit, queue a battleground, or watch the chat for Arena teammates.  The important part is to have fun doing it, no matter what you are doing.

If you have tips for people looking to get into PvP, leave ’em in the comments!


4 thoughts on “Starting PvP For Yourself Or Your Guild In WoW”
  1. Great article! I enjoy learning pvp through trial and error. I like trying new builds out and adjusting my strategy. I know maximizing my effectiveness through better gear is a big part of it, I just try to shake up my competition by doing unexpected moves and out playing my opponent.

  2. A few things I’d highly recommended anyone do before doing any pvp.

    1) learn to keybind, start with a few skills but progress to as many as possible.

    2) learn how and when to use your defensive cooldowns. Most pve encounters either don’t require the use of them or are very scripted and it’s clear when and what to use. If you play a tank this is less relevant, but still important since pvp is fluid.

    3) reexamine your talents and glyphs. Not everything for pve is relevant for pvp and vice versa. Explore everything, some are not very obvious and test them in multiple circumstances

    Lastly, I’m not an advocate of jumping into pvp through duels, you’ll get a better feel of pvp in a bg. But if you do go this route, I’d recommend letting your opponent know that your new to pvp and just learning, otherwise you may get pulverized in seconds and not learn much.

    1. I need to add that keybinding tip. That’s got to be the most important change you can make if you are currently a clicker.

      Also a good tip for duels. Letting your opponent know you are new let’s them offer better critique and advice.

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