american destroyer line world of warships

Destroyers have that new-game appeal all over them.  Hitting with torpedoes is like striking gold.  It has such a huge impact on a match.  American Destroyers specifically don’t focus as much on torpedoes though.  They have some nifty guns that can put out some serious damage.  Destroyers were the first class I wanted to master, and of course plain, vanilla me likes to play the United States. All the time. Unfortunately for me, I was really bad at the Destroyer playstyle in general.  I didn’t know when to disengage, and I failed to watch the minimap.  Of course, the minimap isn’t a Destroyer-only problem, but it hurts moreso than other ships. I’ve managed, through a lot of practice, to go from under-performing to over-performing. Anyway, here’s what I have learned from winning, and losing, with the American line of Destroyers!

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