DOOM Campaign Gameplay Overview Video

I’ve gushed so much over DOOM on stream and Twitter that I totally forgot to put something here. Streaming takes up TONS of time, and I’ve also got an offline hobby, another special project, a full time job, and of course life itself to live. I’m finding myself more and more pressed for time. So it really sucked when I made my initial DOOM review video. It was bad. So I redid it into something I am a little more proud of. It’s spoiler free. I’m especially proud of the timing at the end.

If you watch the video, and are just totally compelled to try DOOM afterwards, you’re in luck. Currently the first chapter is free as a demo. Much like the first chapter was put out as shareware back in 1993. Lots of nostalgia there, and a very slick move by Bethesda. Do it soon though, they’re threatening to end it soon. Type “DOOM demo” on Steam, and that’ll get it for you.

The End of DOOM Credits

I found the ending credits to be really amazing, both graphics-wise and music-wise. It’s an incredible montage to both this game, and the ones that came before it. Incredibly well done all around.  I captured it all with pretty minimal commentary by me. There are spoilers, so watch at your own risk. It’s just under 4 minutes, but I turned off all the ads and stuff. I’ve already watched it three times personally.

Future DOOM Plans

I’m toying with redoing the game on stream again. I don’t think it was a big hit with my viewers, but being bad at a game can do that too. I haven’t played FPS games for years, RPG games even longer. I enjoyed the game a ton, and think I may enjoy doing it again on a higher difficulty.

SnapMap additions are coming. This is one of the big features I wanted to take advantage of when I bought DOOM. I have an idea already in my head, but the current features of SnapMap won’t quite let me bring it to life. Luckily an update later this month will open the features I need. I’m very excited to work on that, though it may have to be an off-stream project because again, not sure how popular level building is with viewers.

There’s also an expansion to come, and with that ending? Wouldn’t miss it for the world. Any world. Including Mars.

You can watch my entire DOOM campaign here!

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