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Warcraft Movie Creates New Fans And Rallies Old Ones

I think the marketing for this movie is pretty tough. Only because of how successful World of Warcraft is. Whenever someone who doesn’t play World of Warcraft hears Warcraft, they probably relate it to World of Warcraft. This Warcraft movie, however, takes place 30 years before World of Warcraft. The movie takes place during Warcraft: Orcs & Humans, which is the very first Warcraft game released almost 22 years ago. The Warcraft movie is the origin story for Blizzard’s franchise masterpiece. It has apparently been panned by critics, but with over $300 million in it’s opening weekend, it’s clear the critics just don’t understand. And how can they? I’m betting most of them haven’t touched a single Warcraft title.

My Own Introduction To The Warcraft Franchise

The story stays right on track with the first game. I remember getting the game one Christmas. I had no idea what a WarCraft was then, but I ended up playing it that same morning (Human campaign of course). I had a conversation about it with my Dad not long ago, and he still remembers picking it up for me. I don’t know what made him think I’d like it, but I am eternally grateful he did. It’s an RTS game, so there wasn’t much story. I was a little fuzzy on the details, but as the movie unfolded, I was able to pick out small bits and pieces of the story I remembered from 20+ years ago.

Nothing But Praise For The Film

The cast was great. A couple of the supporting stars were familiar faces, but the main cast were relative unknowns, at least to me, and I like that. The music was also well done. No creative takes on a particular tune from the games, or extreme rock or hip-hop conversions. A completely original score, but it holds to what you’d expect from the Warcraft games. I think the movie catered more to the Alliance perspective though. You got about as much Horde story as you would playing an Alliance campaign or character. This is going to be a challenge moving forward, I think. Balancing Alliance and Horde perspectives. If you’re a Horde fan, I would love to hear your thoughts on this. I have very little experience from the Horde perspective as I have been devoutly Alliance from day one.

My favorite takeaway from the movie is the costumes. Warcraft has always had slightly overstated weapons and armor in its games. It always makes you wonder if someone actually could wield a sword that big? Or if that armor could actually be light enough to move around in at all? It is a huge part of what I love about the franchise, and the movie doesn’t disappoint in this regard. That signature armor of the Alliance has remained unchanged throughout the entire franchise. I have fond memories of trying to gather all the materials for it, and dressing up as a Stormwind Guard in game. I’d love a replica of any of the weapons in this movie. A $249 resin replica of Lothar’s sword is available, but that’s more than my wallet can bear unfortunately.

No End In Sight

I am extremely hopeful that the movie does well financially, as I cannot wait to see more. Personally, I think the Warcraft movie starts at a (relative) low point in the WarCraft story. WarCraft III begins the story of Arthas, and one of my favorite storylines ever. Naturally I was instantly nostalgic for my early days in World of Warcraft after leaving the movie. With the free transmogs you get for logging in, and free codes for new accounts they are giving away at theaters, I of course had to log in. I streamed the Alliance Human and Horde Orcs starting areas. I hadn’t been through the human starting area since Cataclysm, and I think I never rolled an Orc so it was a fun little experiment. I plan to play World of Warcraft more soon. While I am not to keen on the PvP changes in store for Legion, it is still Warcraft. Even though I have a feeling World of Warcraft’s best days are behind it, there’s always WarCraft IV to look forward to. With Overwatch launched, and Legion all but complete, that frees up a lot of development time for Blizzard. Assuming they haven’t started on it already.


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