My First Total War: Warhammer Campaign

Technically my second Total War campaign, but my first Warhammer one. Warhammer is a totally new IP for me. I’ve never touched anything from Games Workshop at all, for that matter. Total War: Warhammer has piqued my interest though. I’ve tagged Battlefleet Gothic Armada and the newly announced Dawn of War III on Stream. The story just seems to transition from fantasy to sci-fi, but I’m a sucker for the whole good versus evil trope.

In my campaign I chose the Empire, a nation of men, playing on Normal difficulty. Emperor Karl Franz was my starting Legendary Lord. I managed to complete the campaign in 106 turns. Another YouTuber commented on my final video that 106 turns was pretty good. That made me feel kinda proud, considering I could have finished it sooner if I had paid attention to the victory conditions. I also managed to finish it on my first try. Can’t say that about the Chaos campaign I am currently in the middle of now. I’m on the fourth or fifth try. I’ve literally lost count.

I uploaded all 22 videos of my Empire campaign into the playlist above on YouTube. That’s about 15 hours of total gameplay if you’ve got some time to kill. I’m trying to really work on my YouTube channel now. Splitting content between here, streaming, and YouTube is really quite time intensive. I’m trying to figure out which one, or combination, is the best use of my time. My life is filled with tons of little projects right now, with no end in sight. That’s why this blog has mostly changed to a personal updates theme.

Steam Summer Sale 2016

I want to remind you about the Steam summer sale going on right now. It looks to be a pretty good sale. It looks like Steam is trying something different again this year. All games that are going to be on sale, are on sale throughout the entire event. The only thing that changes is what’s featured on the front page. I kind of like the idea, although I do admit I miss the thrill of seeing what’s new every day at 1 PM EST. I plan to pick up one or two titles. I’m mostly waiting to see which game I’m playing now that I get bored with before July 4th.

Humble Bundle Changes

Another of my favorite places to get games is also apparently changing things up. Initially they had one new bundle every week, and one new bundle that lasted for two weeks. Then, a few months ago, they changed it to make each bundle last every two weeks. You still got a new bundle every week. Right now they only have one bundle up, but in the past week or so they’ve offered temporary bundles that, for example, lasted 72 hours. I also got a survey last week about the monthly bundle. It’s excited to see whatever changes they make to the monthly bundles, but I am actually sad that there isn’t a second regular bundle up right now. That’s some good marketing on their part. I also recently changed which charity my purchases help to a local charity. Yet another awesome feature brought to you by Humble Bundle. If you aren’t buying through them, you really should be.

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