World of Warcraft Legion Pre Expansion EventPre-Legion Event Brings Lots of Nostalgia And Fun

Long ago in the twilight hours of classic WoW, The Burning Legion came to Azeroth to storm the gates of both the Horde and Alliance. Well now they’re back, in an almost 100% carbon copy event. Demons invade, gear sets drop as a reward. I am thoroughly enjoying the event. In fact, as I write this I am idling above Hillsbrad waiting for that sweet loot box. It is truly fun for your whole WoW alt family, and that includes starter accounts. I logged onto my ‘free’ status characters to lcheck out the event. I leveled up to 20 with several before finally subscribing with a WoW token.

How Invasions Worked

For those that aren’t familiar, the invasion events happen in three stages. Stage 1, a small force of demons spawns directly inside whatever city is being attacked. Sentinel Hill, Kharanos, Tarren Mill, Gadgetzan, Crossroads, and whatever the Horde city is in Azshara. Stage 2, a mini-boss and two mini-minions spawn inside the city. Stage 3, Burning Legion spires spread throughout the zone and spawn groups of demons to be dispatched. Stage 4, a big boss spawns inside the town. Characters from level 10 to 100 can participate as the damage done is scaled up accordingly. Appropriate level loot comes from the loot boxes that drop after waves 2 and 4. Blizzard makes it rain rewards from beginning to end.

Why I Liked The Invasion Event

Above all this event allows you to catch up.  Gold, XP, and gear were handed out like candy. The gear looked pretty good too for all classes, with the exception of head pieces which almost always look terrible. All graveyards had battleground-like rez timers – no corpse runs! It was all very convenient.

Everyone Catches Up

I haven’t touched some of my characters in probably 10 years (Mage), and some in 5 years (Druid). The stupid amounts of XP you get after each stage, as well as for each mob you killed, were enough to skyrocket any character to 100 in no time. I leveled multiple old characters up to 100. Dropping each boss gave you nearly 50k even at level 99. There were no corpses to loot, so you could literally run around tagging everything, and not miss a thing. In fact I spent quite a lot of time just flying into the zone and AFK-hovering to soak up all the XP. I parked myself in Westfall and walked the dog. Flew to Tanaris and took a shower. Rinse and repeat!

Loot Rewards Were Upgrades

It was like that feeling back in classic WoW when a loot dropped off some mob you killed while questing, and it was an upgrade! There was a full set of gear for each armor class, as well as weapons. While it was RNG, I really didn’t mind it. There were so many boxes that you never felt like you might not get what you want. Everything was ilevel 700, so you get a perfect starting set for Legion. Trinkets, rings, neck, and cape pieces are available on the event vendor for purchase using Nethershards. Said Nethershards drop from boxes as well as from named elites. I’ll never spend all the Nethershards I collected.

The Coffers Spilleth Over

I held the boxes until I was either level 100, or until my inventory was full. I vendored everything I didn’t use. Considering I had over 60 boxes on multiple characters, that’s thousands of gold on top of a full set of armor. This is great for someone who hasn’t played for a while, and needs a little boost to get back into the game. I probably farmed 700 gold per day. That’s without focusing on the game full time, and doing a lot of AFKing.

My character results (updated as I progress):
  • Worgen Warrior 100, full gear/weapons
  • Human Paladin 100, full gear/weapons
  • Worgen Death Knight 99-100, full gear/weapons.
  • Worgen Druid 85-100, full gear/weapons.
  • Human Rogue 85-100, full gear/weapons
  • Worgen Hunter 100, full gear
  • Human Mage 80-87
  • Worgen Priest 13-20
  • Worgen Paladin 10-20
  • Worgen Warlock 1-36

World of Warcraft Legion Pre Expansion EventMinor Hiccups

A few things did go awry during the event, though I want to point out it was through no fault of Blizzard’s. The event itself went by pretty flawlessly. First was the high level Horde ganking low level Alliance players. Of course with PvP servers comes world PvP, though I almost never saw an invasion that wasn’t Horde dominated. Poor Alliance. I did drop the occasional lowbie Horde, but probably single digits throughout the event to this point. I was mostly leveling up low level characters. Dying meant no XP from bosses, so death was an XP blocker occasionally. They would kill you just as the boss was about to drop so you’d miss the XP. Another mishap was when the mobs would occasionally use a cleave or AoE attack. My level 85 druid would eat a cleave meant for a level 100-something. And finally the event started to slow down in the early morning hours during the final week before Legion. I think a lot of the interest waned because I wasn’t seeing as many people as previously. Overall none of this was worth crying about considering the rewards I was getting in return.

My Legion Expansion Plans

So I think I have decided to use my 100 boost on a Priest. I’ve never really tried a healing class before. I’m also thinking of putting it on a PvP server with some friends. I’ve spent the majority of my WoW life on Horde dominated servers. My friends are on an Alliance dominated server, so it would definitely offer a new experience. I will also be adding World of Warcraft to my streaming lineup. Mostly leveling at first, then some battlegrounds and Arenas to gear up for PvP. Afterwards hopefully some sweet, sweet world PvP! If you want to join me for PvP, leave your name and realm in the comments. Alliance only! Sorry Horde, but I have standards.

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