The Black Death Week!

Taking The Medieval Survival Genre For A Spin

The Black Death is a survival game that takes place in a fictional Europe, during the time of the Black Plague. There’s no magic or elves, it’s a medieval simulation almost. As I mentioned not long ago on my channel update and Black Friday shopping list, I’ve wanted to try the Black Death for some time now. Thanks to a random tweet I made on Twitter, Small Impact Games(The game’s developers, AKA SIG) made it happen! What caught my eye, and prompted that tweet, was the Knights and Outlaws update, specifically the knight. Progression on the knight was dependent on doing good for the realm. So given my love for ARK, medieval settings, and getting to play the good guys, here we are. Special thanks to SIG Emily for getting me a key, and another to give away on Black Friday!

Plans For The Week

  • During this week I’ll be live on Twitch Monday, Tuesday, and Friday. If you want to join, just let me know. I hate playing alone. Evenings on Monday and Tuesday, afternoon on Friday.
  • I’ll be posting a Let’s Play series to YouTube in case you my first stream. It covers a lot of what to do when you first get in game, establishing yourself, and exploring a good portion of Mercia.
  • Finally I’ll be posting some #PlagueMoments screenshots on Twitter. I’d love to see yours, so let me know if you tweet one! The game has some really incredible visuals to share.

So please, stop on by and check it out. Come ask any questions, join me in game, or even in spirit with likes and retweets. The game has been adding tons of updates lately, so if you’re a fan of survival games, or medieval settings, come see what The Black Death has to offer!

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