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Steam has started regulating who you can gift games to. According to an announcement earlier this month, Steam gifting has been restricted to those using the same currency. The game’s developer has some leeway to override this on a game-by-game basis. While I understand the reasoning behind this is to stop 3rd party key resellers, I think the implementation is a complete fail. I fully support purchasing games legitimately, but this really goes too far. Punishing the whole for the actions of a few kinda thing.

I found another bundle site called Groupees. It focuses mainly on Indie games and Indie music. More obscure than Humble or Bundlestars, but if you like music and indie games it could have something for you.

Speaking of Humble bundle, the monthly bundle features Stellaris this month! You can pick up Stellaris for just $12 right now. All kinds of Star Wars, Star Trek, and Warhammer 40k and other Sci Fi genre mods that really make the replayability of this game infinite.

Start saving up! Don’t buy that game yet! The Steam summer sale is rumored to be starting towards the end of June! (22ish?)

The new tabletop game edition of Warhammer 40,000 is coming June 17th. An RL friend of mine is interested in playing, so I’ll be jumping into that. I’m considering putting some Warhammer 40k tabletop related content here on my website. Painting pictures, strategies, etc. Maybe some Tabletop Simulator on Stream and YouTube. I know there’s a decent following for Warhammer 40k here. What do you guys think? Something you’d like to see? Let me know in the comments!

Games I’m Playing

New update for Space Hulk Deathwing hit and WOW am I in love! Procedurally generated missions offering new play experiences every time. This is where the game should have launched from and it would have been a HUGE success I think. I totally recommend this game now.  Future updates promise new loot and more.

There are two new classes in For Honor, but the only one I want to see more of is the Centurion! This Roman is part of the Knight faction, so while I’ll be venturing away from the Warden class, it wont’ be too far.

After an afternoon of sifting through upcoming and obscure games on steam, I came across Foxhole. What a gem of a game it is too. Foxhole is a persistent online world where war ebbs and flows between two factions. No resets, the battle rages on even when you log off! Foxholes, pillboxes, walls, gates and more dot the landscape, making it quite an accomplishment to take a territory. There’s a HUGE logistical component to the game, so don’t expect the flow of an FPS. You can check out the free demo right now on Steam. I’ll be keeping up with this game.

I’ve just started playing Rocket League and I gotta say, I really like it. Went ahead and bought the Marauder skin because it was the closest thing to a Jeep. Alkalidum has been carrying me so that I can do what I was born to do in that game – ram, sideswipe, and otherwise harass the other team! It’s a really solid game, and I should have a review for it up soon.

Tried playing some Arma 3 but it’s proven quite complex. I’d love to get a group together to play one of those sandbox modes where you start with a small sector, and have to conquer and build up to take over the map. I really need a helping hand, as I’m pretty lost when I load into the game. Working with a few people to teach me so we can get this going. If you can help, let me know!

Released May 2017

Steel Division full release came on May 23rd. I’ve been enjoying the heck out of playing the 101st Airborne division. Been managing the Medium AI pretty well, so I think I’m about ready to start doing more PvP.

Couple cool games to check out. First up is Ravenfield, which looks like a mix between UEBS and TABS. You set up the battle scenarios, and then pick an army to join and fight it out. Singleplayer game though, which is my only reservation. The other game is Medieval Kingdom Wars, which follows the Kingdom Wars series that a lot of my Twitch viewers enjoyed. The devs mentioned this one would have a persistent world, so I’m interested to see how that works out.


A new MMORPG was announced that takes place in the American west. Wild West Online is supposed to launch later this year. A huge cowboy sandbox to play in! I’ve already signed up and look forward to seeing more as the game launch comes closer. I’m more of a fan of that time period than ever thanks to Hell on Wheels and Cowboys vs. Aliens.

I’ve also finally decided to dive into Total War 2. Once I saw the Saurus or Cold Ones or whatever it is the Lizardmen have that look like dinosaurs, I was sold. These guys look AMAZING and I can’t wait to stomp some Elven @$$!

Virtual Reality Gaming

There have been a few games lately that have started my VR itch. A little game called King Kaiju that lets you stomp around a city as faux-Godzilla, wrecking buildings and tossing cars and helicopters. Very basic looking, but a great idea. Another game called Breach It which lets you blow through walls with explosives. Not necessarily something that would benefit from VR specifically, but still nothing I’ve ever seen before. Finally the game that made me look forward to trying VR the most so far is The Frontier Outskirts. A giant SciFi battle sandbox with heavy Star Wars influences (light-swords, not lightsabers).  There’s also Star Trek bridge crew as well, which should be self explanatory. I’d play all of these games without VR, but they are all VR-only. I just can’t seem to find anything like them in the ‘normal’ gaming world, so maybe one day I’ll find the disposable income for a VR setup. Vive or Occulus though? Luckily I have time to figure that out.

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