I found this game using the Terminals service. I didn’t get a key at first, but about a week later I got hooked up with one. Judging from some of the Steam reviews, the game was a little buggy initially. Having read a bunch of the negative reviews, it seems like the problems have been resolved. I haven’t experienced a single one of the complaints listed. While FPS and singleplayer aren’t usually in my wheelhouse, the open world and play-your-way parts overruled my usual objections. In this case, it reinforces why I should try new things.


Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 is an open world FPS. The developer is C.I. Games, based in Poland. It costs $49.99 for PC on Steam, and $59.99 for consoles. The game is all about stealth, and a good portion of that is – you guessed it – sniping. It takes place in a modern day setting. Europe, in the country of Georgia, along its border with Russia. The story follows an American Marine sniper as he searches for his brother that was lost in action two years prior. Lots of modern day guns and gadgets to use, and the open world gives you lots of opportunities to use them all.

What Makes Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 Fun

What immediately hits you in this game are it’s graphics. There are some incredible cold war visuals in this game that are just breathtaking. The details on the weapons, the environment, and even the characters are all top of the line. I also enjoy the realism offered in Sniper Ghost Warrior 3. Sometimes you have to have a little patience to complete the mission according to your plan, waiting for that guard to move back into the perfect spot to drop him. True to real life, Murphy’s law and all that. Additionally, small details like hitting a deer as you’re driving down the road are other welcome bits of realism. The kill cam that follows some of your sniper rifle fired rounds is fantastic! It really helps build up those clutch shots into something epic. I’m told other games have this, but this is my first experience. It offers just enough gore for my tastes, and doesn’t waste too much time with pointless detail. Finally, the story is really good too. I’m a sucker for lore, and it’s a pretty unique story that I’ve not seen elements of before. Not very believable that the United States military would allow two brothers to go on the exact same mission, but I can certainly suspend reality to make a better story. It bends the rules just enough in this case.

What Makes It…Not

Immediately I am thrown into my safe house, and find a work bench. Ok, but what is it for? I can craft bullets from it sure, or I can just go to my ammo case and hit F. Seven hours into the game and I’m not sure what the work bench is for. Probably my biggest complaint is the lack of clear role for the assault rifle. The game bills itself as able to be played as a sniper or warrior – meaning that assault rifle centered play should be allowed. I’ve found probably two times so far where I could use the assault rifle effectively. The rest of the time it’s just been silenced rifle or silenced pistol. Not the variety of playstyles that was advertised. I think Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 would be best served advertising ‘stealth’ gameplay, and let the cards fall where they may outside of that. The game doesn’t suffer from this, but the ‘warrior’ style play also attracted me after my love affair with Ghost Recon Wildlands. If stealth is your style, you won’t even notice.

The Bottom Line

I was blown away by this game in the tutorial. It’s got a really great tutorial that blends story, teaches mechanics, and shows off what the game can do. This is definitely the best tutorial I have ever played through, and will be the golden standard that I judge all games by in the future. I totally recommend this game. I love the visuals, the setting, and the gameplay mechanics. This is my first ‘stealth’ type game, and it has certainly persuaded me to try more in the future.

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