Beginner’s Guide to Foxhole!

Tips and Tricks For New Recruits

Foxhole has a lot of layers of complexity, and you can pretty much choose how many of those levels you wanna play on. If you wanna build a complex architectural masterpiece, you can do it. If you just want to gather materials, and truck them to base, you can not only do it, but it’s such a supremely vital job. Maybe you’re more of the shooty-type? You can simply grab a rifle and start shooting, or pull out the howitzer, grab a spotter, and land that artillery right where you want it! There’s as much or little detail as you want, making Foxhole ideal for anyone. I’ve assembled my biggest tips for getting into the fight.

Preparing for War

As soon as you spawn in the game, load your pistol. The benefits of this should be fairly obvious. I’ve regretting being lazy several times, and arriving at the front lines getting pushed harder than anticipated, or just running out of ammo on my rifle and not having any backup.

Expect trouble anywhere. Another reason for #1. If your territory isn’t walled off completely, it’s highly probably that you’ll have enemy scouts roving your parts of the map looking for people just…like…YOU.

Close the gates behind you. You don’t even have to turn around to close them, you can just close it as you’re heading out. You don’t want to let an enemy get into your town and hole up in a building. It can be really hard to get them out.

Watch your encumbrance. You can only carry so much in both weight and quantity. If you see a white backpack icon on the right hand side of your screen, it means you are close to full. If you see an orange icon, you are carrying too much. You’ll move slower, and be unable to board vehicles.  Be careful picking up stuff in combat situations, as you can quickly become an easy target.

Engaging the Enemy

Defensive structures are always manned. Whether you see a simple foxhole, or a complex turret, there’s always AI inside that will shoot at you. That includes buildings in enemy controlled cities too. Never expect an easy capture.

Friendly Fire isn’t. You can shoot your allies in this, so watch your field of fire. A nice little white line is drawn to your enemies, so you’ll have a great idea the path your shots will travel.

Aim to the top right corner of your screen. This will maximize the distance you can see, improving your sight distance. Not sure if this is working as intended or a bug, but for now this is your best practice for shooting.

Don’t forget to crouch and go prone. Don’t just stand around and shoot, use cover. Crouch behind walls. Go prone while you’re getting healed. I can’t tell you how many times people run to the medic and just stand there, only to get shot again.

Always gear up with the essentials: Gas Masks and Medic Bags. Gas masks will prevent you from having to run whenever an enemy gas grenade comes your way, letting you stay in the fight. Medic bags will let you heal teammates. If those same teammates also took Medic Bags, they can heal you. Grab these whenever you find them available.

Support Your Team

Be helpful. There are lots of things you can do if you don’t want to fire a single shot. Non combatants can play such a crucial role in this game. Open doors for passing vehicles, answer questions in chat, or give someone a ride to the front lines. Be an overall positive addition to your team. A good attitude goes a long way, and can score you a commendation from players.

Scavenge bags in the field. You can find ammo, weapons, and more left behind from dead friends and enemies. You can drop them in a box near the front lines, reducing the time for resupply, as well as reducing the amount of supplies your team will need.

If you’re brand new to the team, consider playing pure support. Gather resources, bring ammo to the front lines, or carry a Trauma Bag to revive people. Supporting the veterans as you learn to play will help you pick up on the finer points of the game.

Foxhole Hits Early Access July 27th

Now you can take what you’ve learned into the game. Foxhole arrives on Steam for $19.99 later this week. It’s a buy and play game, so it’s just a one time purchase. It’ll be on sale with a 10% discount as well, so pick it up and get in there soldier! You can check out my Q&A with the lead dev if you need to know more.  Endless battlefields await you in FOXHOLE!

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