Big Twitch Gains From Foxhole

Last month was a big month. Foxhole was a huge winner on Twitch, bringing in 200+ followers to the channel. I’m finally starting to get the hang of Foxhole, and getting to know each of the different maps. Lots of friends and followers are playing, and I’ve met a couple of streamers too. Look for lots of Foxhole this month! It’s a really great game, and I can’t recommend it enough.

Lawbreakers comes out today, August 8th! It’s an FPS lobby shooter with a zero-g spin. I had a lot of fun with the first beta weekend. I killed it with the Juggernaut! They made a lot of changes to the Juggernaut, and pretty much all the classes, for the second beta weekend. I wasn’t able to play in that at all due to work, so I have no idea what the balance is like now. I was really surprised at how well I did during the first beta, and all the changes make me hesitant to risk $29.99 on it since I’m usually not so good with the FPS lobby shooters.

Sudden Strike 4 is a new strategy game coming out. It’s a WW2 RTS coming August 11th. The US is a playable faction, so I’m interested! I watched a little bit of gameplay, but I’m not completely sold it. It looks good so far though. Haven’t had anything yet that can compete with Company of Heroes 2, so all competition is welcome! You can pre-order it now and start playing, and it comes with 15% off.

The Black Death has been doing a lot of big updates. It just keeps getting more and more interesting! They’ve added a new looting area called Reaper’s Rest, as well as Relics which are legendary items that only one player at a time can control. There are more updates, but these are the two that interested me most. Surviving in a medieval world has never been this fun!

Oculus Rift is here! It finally arrived after about two weeks. I’ve got several games for it, and several more free ones to choose from on the Oculus Store. There are also some pretty cheap games to choose from, one of which is a D-Day experience for $2.99 that I will probably get first. Expect VR streams and content SOON!

Space Hulk: Deathwing is keeping steady with its updates. Update 7 brings a few minor changes, but the big addition is the brand new Chaplain class. Mass group summons and revives! This game keeps getting better and better, and I can’t wait to see what it looks like come launch time for consoles.

Wild West Online should be heading into Alpha testing soon. I’m hoping to make the press key list! I’ve also got Secret World Legends waiting for more. It seemed pretty popular, but there’s SO much going on this summer it may have to wait till things settle down. Fortnite was an often requested game, and I finally managed to get a copy. I still have a lot to learn, but there are several people playing so I have plenty of help. Saurian is also finally out. A bit of a rough launch, but I can’t wait till more comes. Multiplayer is a promised feature, so there’s plenty of potential.

July 2017 Gaming Stats

The Black Death Open World Survival $9.99 7
Clone Drone in the Danger Zone Lobby Shooter $14.99 10
Secret World Legends MMORPG Shooter $9.99 6
Recession Lobby Shooter $9.99 3
Foxhole Open World Shooter $0.00 31
Angels Fall First Lobby Shooter $19.99 2
Squids from Space Lobby Shooter $9.99 2
For Honor Lobby Fighting $0.00 2
Left 4 Dead 2 RPG Shooter $19.99 2
Orcs Must Die Unchained Lobby Shooter $0.00 2
Space Hulk: Deathwing Lobby Shooter $0.00 1
Dead Rising 3 Open World Shooter $29.99 3
Insurgency Lobby Shooter $2.49 1
Battlefleet Gothic Armada Lobby RTS $0.00 1
Arma 3 Lobby Shooter $0.00 3
Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds Lobby Shooter $0.00 5
Citadel Forged with Fire Open World Survival $0.00 1
Total War Warhammer Open World RTS $0.00 1
# Games Purchased 3
Average Per Game Savings $8.96
Average % savings 51%
Total Savings $26.88
Average Game Price $17.31
Total Spent $25.59
Total Worth $242.36
Total Hours Played 176
$/per hour MSRP $1.38
$/per hour Bought Games $4.27
$/per hour Total $0.15

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