Monthly Gaming Update 2017.6

Current Game Plan

September is going to be a big month. In addition to multiple video games, I’ve also pre-ordered a booster box of the Magic the Gathering Ixalan expansion. Because dinosaurs. In addition to that, I’m also trying to build up my Warhammer 40,000 tabletop army. I’ve got about 1000 points, so I’ll need 500-1000 more points for a ‘standard’ size army. Plus whatever life throws at me, so money’s definitely an issue.

Creative Assembly

The new Arena bundles are the big news for Total War: Arena. You can check out my video detailing the bundles here. They range from $9.99 to $99.99 and all include beta access and premium time.

Total War: Warhammer 2 launches on September 28th 2017! I’m totally excited to start stomping out my enemies with an army of dinosaurs! Lizardmen, ho!

Other Games

Foxhole is introducing an Amphibious Warfare update! The concept art for the amphibious vehicles has been my favorite. I’m SO excited to try this update out! Look for stream and videos soon.

Conan Exiles has launched it’s first free expansion, The Frozen North. If you like the Conan universe, and lots of snow, this is now the survival game for you.

Squids from Space is getting some cosmetic updates. You can change the appearance of your character with wacky colors and clothes.

Blizzard Games

Thanks to the new Wrath of the Lich King update in Hearthstone, you can get some free card packs. Just log into hearthstone before October 1st 2017 and you will be awarded some free Wrath of the Lich King packs.

The latest World of Warcraft update looks pretty fun. High Exarch Turalyon and Alleria Windrunner are leading the assault against the Legion’s homeworld. It’s kind of nostalgic, being that their statues are the first you see when you walk into Stormwind. I can still remember the first time I walked through the Stormwind gates for the very first time. I’m toying with the idea of checking it out, largely depending on if I can find enough Alliance players on NA servers.

Games To Watch

I saw World of Castles in my Twitter feed. It’s a game of building your castle, and sieging your friend’s! Keeping my eye on it, it looks really good. It releases September 16th 2017.

I also came across the VR game Soldiers of Freedom, which releases September 9th 2017. Think the singleplayer campaigns of the Battlefield games, but in VR. Looks really interesting!

Virtual Reality Games

I’m slowly edging into VR games. So far I’ve mostly played Island 359, a dinosaur hunting game. I made it through the tutorial and tried a little of the arcade mode. I don’t think I like the arcade mode, but the base game itself was a lot of fun.

I have also just picked up Star Trek Bridge Crew! It was half off, so I couldn’t resist. If you or someone you know also has Star Trek Bridge crew, please let me know! It takes four people, and i’d really love to play it with a full group!

Content Channels

I’m actually happy with how my channels are growing. YouTube is slow, but steady. Foxhole is the top content, with 5 of the top 10 most viewed. Twitch is steadily creeping up to that 1000 follower milestone! I’m most excited about this, as I’m told it’s the first big milestone for getting recognized by developers for getting copies of the games to showcase. Foxhole and Arena are the big games I’m playing now, both continuing to bring in new followers.

A lot of the new followers are coming from people signing up for the Twitch. I think it’s a good thing overall, it’s just hard to gauge just how big a channel is. Those people who signed up may or may not come back. While it could be considered padding of numbers, it’s still an opportunity that someone may pop into the channel to see what it’s like.

August 2017 Gaming Stats

Foxhole Open World Shooter $19.99
Clone Drone in the Danger Zone Lobby Shooter $14.99
Squids from Space Lobby Shooter $0.00
Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator Lobby Simulator $0.00
PWND Lobby Shooter $29.99
Fortnite Open World Shooter $39.99
Saurian Open World Survival $19.99
Legends of Ellaria Open World RPG $19.99
Total War Arena Lobby RTS $0.00
Arma 3 Lobby Shooter $0.00
Left 4 Dead 2 Lobby Shooter $19.99
For Honor Lobby Fighting $0.00
Team Racing League Lobby Vehicle $9.99
Conan Exiles Open World Survival $29.99
Blood Bowl 2 Legendary Edition Lobby Turn Based Strategy $44.99
Beast Battle Simulator Lobby Simulator $9.99
Island 359 Open World VR $19.99
Range Day VR Lobby VR $19.99
# Games Purchased 2
Average Per Game Savings $5.80
Average % savings 29%
Total Savings $11.59
Average Game Price $23.07
Total Spent $28.39
Total Worth $299.87
Total Hours Played 127
$/per hour MSRP $2.36
$/per hour Bought Games $14.20
$/per hour Total $0.22

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