Sixteen long (IRL) years ago, following the events in Warcraft 3, Lordaeron was lost to the Alliance. It has remained under control of enemies, be it the Lich King or the Horde. Birthplace of the Alliance, Lordaeron holds a special place in my gamer heart. Back when Cataclysm launched,  the area was updated thanks to the focus on Gilneas. I was a big RPer back then, and I pillaged the area regularly. I would gather raids full of RPers to attack Forsaken settlements in Silverpine, Undercity, and surrounding areas. My Paladin was leading the Free Lordaeron movement back before it was cool! Now that it’s going to be an in-game event?! This is possibly the most exciting moment for me since the launch of World of Warcraft.

Sylvanas Theory

With all the Horde fans in an uproar over Sylvanas pushing the Horde to do evil things, I think she has an ulterior motive. In the Legion opening cinematic, Sylvanas saves Varian’s life. To me, that hinted at a departure from her previously evil bent, towards something a little more grey. More in-keeping with the Horde’s ‘Thrall’ model for a warchief. Her surprise at being made warchief seemed to further develop the character into a more pragmatic leader.

But now she’s burned the world tree for funsies and that’s the end of that.

My conspiracy theory is that she wants to provoke someone into killing her. When she says she’s making “life” her enemy in the Warbringers video, I think that she means it literally. Whether she doesn’t think she deserves the warchief mantle, or whether she’s just tired of (un)living, Sylvanas wants to be done with life as she knows it. She’s ready to be ended by any means necessary.

With the release of the ‘Old Soldier’ trailer, it looks like the Battle for Azeroth is ready to steamroll through the world of Warcraft. It sets things up for a new Horde warchief, since the current Horde warchief is busy pushing the Horde to a more evil bent than ever before. Most importantly, the new trailer moves the setting to Lordaeron! I’ve been waiting for this ever since the Lordaeron area was fleshed out in Cataclysm.

What the Future Holds

Obviously there’s hinting towards Saurfang taking the warchief mantle. He’s stuck defending Lordaeron for now because, as you can see at the end of the cinematic, the battle has literally just begun. Who will end up in control of the Horde? Who cares, I’m all in on the Alliance. My small wishlist includes victory for the Alliance by returning of Lordaeron to it’s rightful people, and King Anduin to bite the big one thereby paving the way for Jaina to become Queen of the Alliance! Will Calia Menethil, Arthas’ older, yet now undead sister, assume power? I hope not. I think a light-created undead is really dumb. Not to mention, she’d be an immortal ruler, which is another check mark in the ‘no thanks’ column. I know there are a few ‘good’ undead already, but I’ve never liked that concept. For an expansion that’s drawing sharp lines between what is Alliance, and what is Horde, graying the lines between good undead and bad undead seems counter intuitive.


Maybe we’re going to see the Horde and Alliance break off into a third faction, or start to allow races to cross faction? Much like the Blood Elves, it could be possible lore-wise. A clan of Orcs joins the Alliance, or maybe even an entire race like the Tauren? The Tauren, to me, always seemed to have the most potential to join the Alliance. Not sure who the Alliance would ‘send’ over to the Horde, but there’s a lot of discontent building in the Horde right now. Absent killing Sylvanas immediately, I can’t really see how the leaders are putting up with it. In the Horde Legion epilogue, the Tauren chieftain Baine Bloodhoof speaks to Saurfang, and neither seem pleased with what is going on. Either way, the situation is going to have to resolve itself, because I don’t think Blizzard would really leave this awful storyline to run its course.

Planning for Battle

As for me, I’ll be joining the Battle for Azeroth as soon as it comes to Lordaeron, which looks to be in a matter of days. I’ll be playing Alliance side with my Human Paladin and Worgen Warrior. You can catch me streaming most, if not all, of my gameplay over on my Twitch channel. I’ll probably put it over on my YouTube channel as well. As always, you can watch my Twitter for live announcements, videos, and all the social media type stuff. I’ve got some old friends joining me, but I could always use more! Grab your axe, sword, bow, or whatever your weapon of choice is, because it’s time to fight for Azeroth! Drop into the stream, and let me know your sword is available! Join me in my dream-battle against the Horde! FOR THE ALLIANCE and FOR LORDAERON!

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