SWTOR Color Crystals for Blasters

In SWTOR, you can’t preview color crystals for blasters. I’ve started a gallery so people can see what color crystals look like in blasters. I’ll be adding to it as I get credits in game, and the opportunity. Here’s what i’ve collected so far. I will be collecting all the color crystals eventually, not just Cartel Market Color Crystals.  Each color page will have all references of that color.  For example, the Yellow Blue crystal will be on both yellow and blue pages.  The examples are all with bloom on. I will gladly accept screenshot submissions.  Crystals aren’t expensive, and starting now i’m really behind.  You must submit two screenshots; both with different types of blaster fire.  Make sure to take screenshots with bloom on, and graphics as high as you can get.

More added 11/30/2013.

Blue and Yellow Crystals


Red and Purple Crystals


Pink, Orange, and Green Crystals


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