How To Use A Bomber In Galactic Starfighter

Bombers are the support classes of Galactic Starfighter.  You will be getting lots of assists, and fewer kills.  Bombers are meant for areal denial, making them ideal for satellite and fixed-objective defense.  They have good shields, and can take a lot of punishment.  If you’ve ever played Guild Wars 2, Bombers are like the Guardian class.  Bombers make great starting ships.

  • Guide to fighting against bombers is coming soon!

Drones Versus Mines

You might ask which bomber to use, or what the difference is between the bombers.  The Warcarrier/B-D4 Legion uses drones.  The Mark IV Rampart/Razorwire uses mines.  The Warcarrier/B-4D are less mobile due to the cooldowns for redeploying drones.  The Mark IV/Razorwire have low cooldowns on deploying mines, and can also use the hyperspace beacon to lower times for reinforcements.  If you like pushing forward and getting into the mix, the Warcarrier/BD4 is for you.  If you enjoy taking or defending an objective, denying the enemy points, then the Rampart/Razorwire is for you.

 General Dogfighting Tips For Bombers

  • Use your mines aggressively.  Fly up to your enemy, and then drop one.  If they try and follow you, reward them with a mine again.
  • Keep your power to shields unless you are boosting engines, or actively attacking another player.
  • You can guard more objectives than just satellites.  Find a gunship, and set up around it.  Defend them, and you will get points for repairing both of you, as well as kills/assists for keeping enemies off them.
  • On the Rampart /Razorwire, boost towards an objective when the game starts.  When you run out of engine power, drop your hyperspace beacon.  This is a good spot for your allies to redeploy from.

GSF Match Specific Tips

  • In TDM, use the structures in the Lost Shipyards.  Set your missile/railgun/healing drones inside, and you can weave in and out and around as your enemies get nailed from all sides by you, your drones, and your allies.  It also helps block enemy shots, and gives your allies a safer place to repair.
  • In Kuat Mesas, set your drones up low, and behind a wall.  Enemies will fly over at break neck speed and it will be too late.  You can set up at this location with your mines and other drones to create a ‘safe zone’ for your allies to repair/recover at.
  • In Domination maps, you should defend and hold the objectives with lots of cover.  B in Kuat Mesas, and C in Lost Shipyards.  Your missile locks will put pressure on enemy pilots, and it could cause them to crash in such a crowded area.  You can also find places like these in the TDM version of Kuat Mesas.
  • Set up drones/mines behind the satellite so a gunship can’t take them out.

 Bomber Questions

Have any questions about bombers?  Ask in the comments below, and i’ll get you an answer.  I’m experimenting currently with both bombers, and i’m planning on some YouTube videos and streaming with bombers in the future.  Your questions will help make the videos more relevant, so ask away.

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