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Constant Warfare for 2016 0

Constant Warfare for 2016

2016 My Busiest Year EVER for Video Games Already In the beginning, I was a one game kinda guy. World of Warcraft for 7 years straight, except a 3 month break where I played Tabula Rasa, but no...

Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals in Gaming 2015 0

Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals in Gaming 2015

As with previous years, i’ll be keeping up with various games and sales for Black Friday through Cyber Monday. If you find a particularly sweet deal somewhere, leave it in the comments. Blizzard Black...

Changin’ Stuff 0

Changin’ Stuff

I’ve been working on several different projects.  Initially I had planned to keep them apart.  As time went on though, I found it difficult to keep up with them all individually.  That meant they...

Merry Christmas! 0

Merry Christmas!

Or happy holidays.  Whatever it is for you, have a good one.  Eat, drink, be safe and merry.  There’s lots more gaming to do next year.