Warhammer Game Releases for 2022

Total War Warhammer III The Total War Warhammer trilogy concludes with Warhammer 3. Mutliple Chaos races as well as Cathay and Kislev are confirmed so far, with more day one races to be announced later. Creative Assembly continues to develop the series. Release date: February 17, 2022 Darktide Warhmmer 40,000: Darktide is in development by… Continue reading Warhammer Game Releases for 2022

My Top Dark Games on Steam to Play for Halloween

Halloween is my second favorite holiday, so I like celebrating by playing dark games during each stream for October. The last several years I’ve found myself playing darker and darker games, and there are several that have really left an impression on me. There’s just something about the gravity of the story or the intensity… Continue reading My Top Dark Games on Steam to Play for Halloween

My Watchlist For 2021

Looking back through my steam library, 2020 was apparently not a good year for game releases. Second Extinction and Phasmophobia were the only two games I played that released in 2020 (and I didn’t get Phasmophobia until January 2021). This probably stems from my heavy favoring of multiplayer games. Thankfully 2021 looks to be a… Continue reading My Watchlist For 2021

Warhammer Games for 2021

Below is all the info I can find on Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000 games releasing in 2021. There are several previously announced titles that have been named, and a couple that are still unnamed. Find 2022 game releases here. Dakka Squadron Orks in planes. An aeriel shooter where you take control of an ork, fighting… Continue reading Warhammer Games for 2021

Best Video Games to Start Playing in 2020

I’ve had several people ask me lately what video games they should buy. Some of them have been purchasing some of their first games, while others have just upgraded their system recently and are looking for a long-term game to dig into. Generally their price threshold is $20 or less. Luckily the options on PC… Continue reading Best Video Games to Start Playing in 2020

Warhammer Games for 2020

Update: Warhammer Games for 2021 here. Warhammer Underworlds: Online A turn-based strategy game based on the tabletop version. WU:O launched into early access on January 28, 2020, but has since gone into full release. Set in the Age of Sigmar realm, you pit warbands against each other. The game uses deckbuilding to supplement your warband… Continue reading Warhammer Games for 2020