Galactic Starfighter Guide to the FLASHFIRE!

Flashfire Build Theme

The Flashfire is a Republic Scout ship.  It’s Sith counterpart is the S-13 Sting.  This is the proverbial hit and run ship.  Your job is to get somewhere quick, sucker punch someone ( or kick them in the teeth), then get out of dodge before their friends arrive.  Your job is also to pick off whoever strays from the herd.  You are a wolf among the sheep.  Only the fastest of the fast can outrun you.  Everyone else is yours for the taking.

P.S. This is a Corellian built ship.  The other ships aren’t really ships.

Flashfire Setup

Outfitting your Flashfire properly is just as important as flying it properly.  You need the right tools, for the right job.

Flashfire Components

The first two will be your in-game weapons, the last three will be your in-game abilities.

  • Primary Weapons : Quad Laser Cannons is an all around upgrade.  Burst Laser Cannon is also a good choice.
  • Secondary Weapons : Cluster Missiles pack a nice punch and will be your centerpiece for destruction.
  • Systems : Targeting Telemetry increases your Accuracy and Crit.  Great burst option.
  • Shields : Distortion Field for that extra missile break.
  • Engines : Retro Thrusters throws you behind the enemy attacking you from the rear, or keeps you in front to finish them off.

These are purely passive stats:

  • Armor : Lightweight Armor – Boosting Evasion as high as we can get it.
  • Capacitor : Damage Capacitor – Increased Damage to pack that extra punch.
  • Reactor : Large Reactor – Increase the damage Shields can take.
  • Thrusters : Speed Thrusters – Increases overall engine speed.

Flashfire Cosmetics

Your predominant color should be red, yellow, or orange.  Here’s a hint why: FlashFIRE. (Just kidding, whatever you like!)

Flashfire Crew

The companions have various passive skills across different classes.  Look for the companions with the listed skills.

  • Co-Pilot – Wingman (Lieutenant Iresso) Accuracy boost for those must-kill targets.  Low cooldown too.


  • Offensive – Pinpointing and Improved Killzone – Faster Cluster Missiles, and bigger firing arc.(Qyzen Fess)
  • Defensive – Power To Shields and Response Tuning – Improved shields and evasion.(Nadia Grell)
  • Tactical – Depth of Field and Silent Running – Increases your detection range, and keeps you off enemy radars.(Lieutenant Iresso)
  • Engineering – Power to Blasters and Efficient Maneuvers – Supports sustained blaster fire, and decreases cost of your abilities so you can use them even when you’re low on resources. (Ashy, Yuun works too)

Strategy For Flashfire Pilots

Jump in somewhere and start shooting.  When your target starts leading you away too far, or you start to take a lot of fire, break off and boost away in the opposite direction.  Reset your bearings, find a new target, and dive in again.  Your acceleration is top notch, and your top speed is among the best.

Don’t sit on guard duty.  You don’t have the defenses for it, and your team needs you lighting up the enemies between satellites.  This isn’t to say you should leave a satellite unguarded, but don’t volunteer to stay on defense.

The Flashfire Finishes First

This ship can go toe-to-toe dogfighting with any other.  You are great at starting a fight to soften them up, or finishing a fight to take them down.  You should focus on raising your hit % to increase your success.  This is always a work in progress, as GSF has will be changing a lot in future patches.  I’ll be updating the build as time, experience, and balance changes dictate.  If you have any questions, suggestions, or feedback, drop it in the comments below.

Other Builds

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