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Always W.I.N.

What’s Important Now.  Always keep in mind what you are doing, and how it’s contributing towards winning.  Galactic Starfighter rewards you substantially better than warzones for playing the objectives.  If you’re chasing someone to possibly get one point for your team, instead of defending a satellite that gives multiple points, is it worth it?  Your judgement will improve with time and experience.  If you’re taking lots of fire, get out of there.  Learn your limits, your ship’s limits, and keep your eye on the prize.  This will teach you when to pick (dog)fights.  Watch your minimap, scan the chat window, and keep your eyes moving.

Teamwork Wins Games

If you have a gunship on a roll, defend him.  Queue with a friend and learn to work together.  Pay attention when a teammates comes racing towards you with an enemy blasting at him.  Your teammates get kills, you get assists, and everyone benefits.  Win-win-win.    After games, don’t be afraid to ask questions of other players.  You are just one part of a giant puzzle.

Starting Your Attack Run

  1. Try to stay high, and attack below.  Very similar to holding the high ground in land combat.
  2. If your enemy jets towards you head on, change course.
  3. You can turn up and down faster than you can turn left and right. Point the top of your ship to the direction you want to go, (turn on your side) and then climb up. You will ‘turn’ faster, which will make it harder for your enemy to target and kill you. It can also make it easier to stay behind your enemy.

Chasing Down Enemies

First, be mindful of what your craft is, and what their craft is.  For example, you’re not running down a scout with a bomber.  Some strike fighters can run down scouts, and scouts can run down anything but other scouts (possibly).

  • If you’re chasing someone down, full power to engines!
  • Aim for where they’re going, not where they’re at now.  Head for the target reticle.  The shortest distance between two points is a straight line.
  • If you are closing on someone from behind too fast, stop completely (X) or slow down (S).  This will keep them in front of you.  You can slowly resume speed to match theirs.

Taking on Gunships

Assuming you’re not a gunship, this tip is for you.  Fly your little heart out until you’ve managed full engine power.  Kick all power to engines, and burst for the gunship at a slight angle.  If you see it start to charge up, make quick moves up, down, or to the side.  Keep darting around randomly until you are on top of him.  Once you are close, begin to stop just soon enough to sail past the gunship, then turn and engage.  Works like a charm.


When you’re trying to kill an enemy, and they are trying to kill you back, and you’re both locked into an endless spin – do something unexpected.  Boost a short distance away, stop moving, change targets.  Also, don’t get wrapped up fighting far away from the objective.  The middle of nowhere has no value to you or your team.  Unless you are successfully tying up two or more ships for an extended period of time, it’s not worth it.

Attacking Objectives

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Turrets have to go first.  They do a lot of damage, and they are worth more than players in the end.  Make sure you are locked onto one before you get in range (5000m) and make sure you are firing at them the second they are in range.  You can use a defensive cooldown (damage reduction, evasion) while you are attacking to help mitigate their fire, as well as potential enemy fire.

Defending Objectives

Throw your power to shields once you’ve decided to sit on a satellite.  If you’re not engaged, keep hitting tab – escape – tab – escape.  Know how far away the closest enemy is.  Watch their distance to see if they are advancing, or retreating.  If you’re not getting attacked, take that time to practice weaving in and out of obstacles.

Survival Of The Fittest

Knowing when to run, and how to disengage is part of dogfighting.  Live to fight another day, and you deny your enemy a point every time you escape.  Your shields are directional, meaning if your rear shields are gone, you can spin around and attack head on with full front shields.  Keep this in mind when retreating.  Even if it only buys you a little bit of time, an ability may come off cooldown, or an ally may get in range.  You’ll last longer than if you continue to leave your flank vulnerable.

Avoiding Missiles

You have three ways to avoid missiles:

  1. Whatever your missile avoidance ability is, save it specifically for missiles.  Use it once you get the siren that the missile has been fired.
  2. Throw all power to engines and burn your way out of range. (Not really an option for gunships)
  3. Break line of sight.  Even if it’s something small, any break resets the timers.  If you can turn around and fly head on past them, that breaks line of sight too.

Fancy Flying

You can kill enemies without weapons.  Enemies chasing you through wreckage, beams, and other debris are at a disadvantage.  They have to fly faster through that debris to catch up to you.  This is one of those things that will take time, but as your proficiency in flying improves, so will your survivability.  This will also help when you are hunter, and they are the prey.  Regulate power to shields if you won’t be using engine boosts to get away.

Galactic Starfighter Dogfighting Will Evolve

As new ships come out, new ship builds are created, and new maps are release, dogfighting in Galactic Starfighter will continue to change.  Old tactics won’t work, or may even become more effective.  The best thing to do is never give up.  Even if you know you’re going up in flames, keep fighting.  You may drop an enemy’s health just low enough, buy just enough time for a cap, or learn a new technique you can share here.  I’ll be updating this guide, so be sure to check back.

What tips would you give for dogfighting in Galactic Starfighter?


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  1. Picked a Euro server because more folks on when I play….The Red Eclipse. However, maybe you could give me your your-tube info for me to watch. I appreciate the time you have taken to respond to me (ps: maybe its age? I am 65 ! ) 🙂 Brian

  2. Really appreciate the info. Wonder if you would consider a $$ making deal… I think a on-line classroom, giving training / help / slow motion etc. would catch on. Make it cheap a couple dollars, or free to try 1 time. Oh, and sign me up. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong, seems like I cant kill anything. Believe I’m firing correctly but, oh well. Thanks again…..Brian Manns

    1. What server are you playing on? I’ll be glad to group up with you some and show you what i’ve learned. I’ve also got some videos up on my YouTube channel. No $$ required. 🙂

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