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Here are some tips for playing Galactic Starfighter in SWTOR.  These are the strategies for Galactic Starfighter that I have found useful.  I will update as the day goes along, and as I get more experience.  If you have questions not answered here, post them in the comments below.

Still want the basics?  Check out my Galactic Starfighter Guide and Video.

Getting Started With Galactic Starfighter

The first thing you’ll want to do is pick up the starter quest from the PvP terminal.  After you finish the starting quest, you will unlock the Daily Quest and Weekly Quest for Galactic Starfighter.  Daily Quests reward a token that gives 750 Ship Requisition to every ship unlocked.  Weekly quests reward a Ship Requisition bonus token, and a 500 Fleet Requisition bonus token.  You can pick these quests up at the PvP terminal.

The Gunship Unlock is only available to subscribers prior to November 1, 2013.  The Gunship Unlock will be available on January 14, 2014 with the Galactic Starfighter Preferred Access release.

Ship Requisition and Fleet Requisition

At the end of every battle you get Ship Requisition and Fleet Requisition.  Your Fleet Requisition will be 10% of your Ship Requisition.  You can change ships during battle, and you will get Ship Requisition based on your performance with each one.  When you change ships during a match, you get Ship Requisition based on your performance with each one at the end.  Each day you get a double Requisition bonus to each ship, up to 500 bonus requisition.  This bonus doubles your awarded Requisition, win or lose.  If you get 100 requisition in a battle, you will then have 400 bonus requisition left.   This double requisition bonus resets at 7 am EST with everything else. There is currently a bug that does now show your Requisition bonus is reset, but if you play a game it will return to normal (and you will be awarded the appropriate requisition bonus).

You can use 1 Cartel Coin to convert 25 Ship Requisition into 25 Fleet Requisition by clicking the >arrows at the top of your Galactic Starfighter Menu where your current Requisition is listed.  The ships bought from the Cartel Market come fully mastered.  These ships give a 10% bonus to Requisition gains.

Ship Requisition is specific to each ship.  For example, all scout ships do not share Ship Requisition.  You can save your Ship Requisition unlocks from daily and weekly quests until you have unlocked a ship you want to upgrade.  Ship Requisition is not shared across factions, characters, or accounts.

Upgrade Your Ship Components

Ship Requisition is used to upgrade your components.  Components are your weapon upgrades in Galactic Starfighter, as well as Shield upgrades and System upgrades.  If you have unlocked a ship you like, start upgrading components.  Ship upgrades in Galactic Starfighter make a major difference in battles.  You can upgrade your ship from the Galactic Starfighter menu (on your minimap) before battle.  You upgrade these from the top down.  Double click on the top part of the tree (even though it’s greyed out) to start unlocking ship upgrades.

Changing your components can change your look and cosmetics.  When you upgrade components, be sure to reapply your cosmetics.

Like scout ships?  Check out my Flashfire/S-13 Build Guide.

Starfighter Crew Assignments

Assign companions to all stations first, then you can choose a co-pilot from one of the assigned companions.  You’ll want to eventually log into all your characters for the achievements requiring you to unlock all the companions for a given class.  You do not share/unlock companions across characters in Galactic Starfighter.

Jumping Into Space Battles

Your ship selected inside the match is based on your preferred ship.  You can change your preferred ship in the GSF Menu.  Drag and drop your ship (at the bottom) to the first slot on the list.

Use Your Allies

If you can’t shake an enemy off your tail, lead them to your allies.  Regulate full power to your engines (maybe shields), and hightail it out of there.  Bring them right into the gun sights of your allies.  You can also run to satellites that have turrets.  Don’t be afraid to take an assist.

Always Regulate Your Power

Regulating your power will save your ship’s resources, and probably save your ship too.  There are of course times where you’ll want to do something a little crazy, but these are good rules of thumb.

  1. If you’re defending or attacking a satellite, regulate your power to weapons.
  2. If you are racing towards an objective, regulate power to engines.
  3. If you are running from an enemy, regulate your power to shields.

Dogfighting In Galactic Starfighter

This is part art, part science.  Going head to head with another player is never predictable.  I do have a guide with tactics and strategies for dogfighting that work for me.

General Galactic Starfighter Tips

  • Hide under the satellite ‘wings’ to capture them.  This will give you some protection from above. (See side image.)
  • Don’t continuously fire.  It drains your weapons pool!
  • Don’t depend on the minimap for navigation.  It has some kind of lag time that you cannot depend on while in combat.
  • If you can’t see any enemies nearby, use your tab key to locate the nearest enemy.  You can see how far away or close they are so you know how to prepare yourself.
  • Keep moving.  Unless you are a gunship, sitting still makes you a sitting duck.
  • You can respawn closer to captured satellites.  Look on your map when respawning to select a new spawn point (yellow diamonds).
  • Questions about Fire Arcs?

If you have any tips for Galactic Starfighter, please leave them in the comments.

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