A while back I was ranting about Thieves and Mesmers being overpowered in Guild Wars 2.  Now i’m back to rant s’more, but this time I have a visual aid.  Also known as PROOF.

I’m going to start with saying, yes, I know that one game is not definitive proof.  This really just illustrates my point very well.  Moving on.  When I finished playing sPvP for my daily, I decided to sit back and watch a match.  I had really just wanted to test the spectator mode.  As the game progressed, I noticed Red Team was destroying Blue Team, but Blue Team was winning.  Then I noticed Red Team was largely thieves and mesmers (a Mesmer actually quit or swapped teams at around 400 points), and Blue Team was more of a mix. I spent the match watching Thieves and Mesmers mainly.  Their survivability was not what i’d expect from light and medium armor classes.

Thief and Mesmer OP
Click the image to see the full screenshot.

So what does the picture show?  Red Team, even down a man for the last 100 points, farmed Blue Team.  Blue Team was just running around back-capping, meanwhile Red Team was winning every engagement.  A win is a win, yes.  But who wants to have to win like this?  Running around the entire map, in between getting farmed, avoiding combat.  Fun stuff ‘eh?

My solution would be to nerf Thief stealth or mobility just a little.  Mesmers I don’t know well enough to give an educated opinion.  Whatever the Anet devs want to do is fine, just so they do something.  I read a dev post on the Warrior forums stating they knew Warriors needed a buff to Healing Signet.  Not sure that’s the answer myself, but we’ll see.  They have all the magic ‘metrics’ anyway.  They’ve done great with the game so far, and I still have faith in them.





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