Hellcat Guide For New Players

The Hellcat is a tier VI American Tank Destroyer. Unlike most tank destroyers in World of Tanks, the Hellcat has a turret that allows 360 degrees of fire. It also has amazing speed, making it one of the fastest tanks in the game. The Hellcat is the first tank I held onto after finishing it. I still play it today. The Hellcat is a sniper tank, meaning it is meant to shoot from afar. As a tank destroyer, it gets a bonus to camouflage from fallen trees and bushes.

Hellcat Tech Tree Research

As a stock tank, the Hellcat is mediocre. Don’t get discouraged though, you are one of the best tier VI tanks in the game once fully researched. Your priority should be your gun. You will not appreciate the Hellcat without its top gun. Research the first two guns, then the tracks. Next, finish off the turret and top gun. Engine, then radio should follow in that order.

When The Match Starts

The key to playing a Hellcat is placement.  Generally, you should choose the side of the map that offers the best field of view.  When the match starts, use your speed to get into a good spot early. Hunker down next to a rock or in a bush with a nice field of view, then just lie in wait. Let your teammates light up enemies for you from a safe distance. If you’re in a bush out in the open, make sure there is a hill or cover nearby to duck behind. If you are spotted, it’s time to go. Your armor is equivalent to a wet paper bag. If you are forced to move, relocate somewhere similar: near a rock or hill so you can disappear in a hurry.

You do not want to go into the city unless forced to by an uneven team split. If you must go into the city, stay in the back, and always have immediate cover.

Hellcat Premium Items

For modules, use the gun rammer, camouflage net, and binoculars. Gun rammer increases the pain you can deliver, while the binoculars increase the range you can deliver it. The camo net will help keep you out of sight all the while.

For consumables, I use the Large First Aid, Large Repair Kit, and Automatic Fire Extinguisher. These are more expensive than their small counterparts, but provide additional bonuses that the small ones do not. The Case of Cola is also an option to help overall performance.

I also carry 4 premium ammo rounds, but rarely use them. My gun works just fine even in tier VIII matches.

Crew Skills For The Hellcat

For your first skill, choose camouflage for all your crew.   Staying hidden longer multiplies the havoc you can unleash.  Once you’ve gotten camouflage to 100%, choose a second skill.  Brothers in Arms is a good second skill for all. Once your commander is at 30% in the second skill, change it to Sixth Sense.  It only costs 20,000 credits.  Sixth Sense will be an invaluable skill. Your armor really is terrible, so knowing when it’s time to go is invaluable.  After that, use what you’ve learned from playing the Hellcat to have the crew skills complement your personal play style.

Heaven Kitty

I’ve got just over a 50% win rate with my Hellcat, and that’s after dipping into the 30s.  The top gun really is a game changer.  When I see Tier VIII tanks in a battle, it doesn’t even phase me.  I hope this little guide is helpful.  Feel free to ask questions and leave your own tips in the comments.  Happy hunting in your new Hellcat!

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