How To Download Heroes of the Storm

Step by Step Heroes Of The Storm Download Instructions

Heroes of the Storm opened on June 2nd, 2015.  You can download and play for free right now!  Follow this quick little guide to get into Heroes of the Storm as soon as fast as you can download it!  I’ve also added some resources to help you get started in the game at the bottom of this guide.

Step one: Set up your Heroes of the Storm account if you haven’t yet. You’ll need one to play. (This is my refer-a-friend link. It helps you get free heroes when you sign up and play.)

download hotsStep two: This link will take you directly to the Heroes of the Storm download page.  You should see something like the picture to the right.  A login to your account will be required, so have your authenticator handy if you use one.

If you are wary of clicking links, or just want to do it the old fashioned way, read on!

Let’s Get That Heroes of the Storm Download Going!

Go to your account page and log in.  Once logged in, go to Manage My Games.  Clicky.

blizzard beta login

Here we have all your Game Accounts with Blizzard.  Along the right you will a list of all your Blizzard games.  Find Heroes of the Storm and clicky-clicky.



And here we are.  Select whichever Heroes of the Storm client you need (Windows for most).  Now you’re off to the races!


Time To Storm The Nexus With Your Favorite Heroes

Once you download the Heroes of the Storm, you can start playing right away!  There are no more planned wipes, so once you get into the game, your account will not be reset.  While you’re waiting on the Heroes of the Storm download, here are some resources to help boost your performance from game one:

Good luck, and hope to see you in the Nexus!

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