Leviathan Warships: This Game Kicks Aft

If you haven’t seen the Leviathan Warships trailers, you really need to. Even if you aren’t interested in Leviathan Warships, they are hilarious. Take a few minutes to check out the trailers for Leviathan Warships on YouTube below.  Then you’ll understand all the boat puns.

Leviathan Warships: A Turn Based Strategy Game And A Hull Lot More

What is Leviathan Warships?  If you ever played the Pirates of the Coast CCG, Leviathan Warships is the inevitable modern digital version. Yes, I used to play tabletop CCGs where we talked trash across the table to each other instead of across the internet.  In Leviathan Warships you take a fleet of warships into battle against other players.  You can customize the armaments on each ship, and even give them new names!  A quick tutorial at the beginning shows you how to play.

You can get Leviathan Warships for iOS in the App Store right now.  I have been waiting for a week for it because they postponed the launch of Leviathan Warships on the iPad and Android tablets due to faulty server connection code.  I was finally able to buy it at about 3:30 AM yesterday. It is a cross platform game, but you do have to buy it for each platform.  Leviathan Warships costs $4.99 in the App Store, but it is available in the Google Play store for $4.88. Leviathan Warships is only available for the iPad and some Android tablets as far as mobile devices go. You can buy it for PC and Mac. The PC and Mac versions cost $9.99, but you only need to purchase it once through Steam. That’s less than $20 for all Leviathan Warships on all 3 platforms.

Leviathan Warships and Turn Based Strategy

Leviathan Warships is a turn based strategy game. That means players take turns, like checkers. This also means it’s not a twitch based game. You don’t need lightning reflexes to win in Leviathan Warships, you need a sharp mind. The turns can last as little as 30 seconds, or as long as 7 days. You can ready up as quickly as you want though, so you literally go at your own pace.

Early Play Tip For Leviathan Warships

I found something worth mentioning in my early time playing Leviathan Warships. The server default is EU1, which is not the US server. I switched to the US server, but found it pretty empty. You can change the server easily on the main login screen, left hand side. I switched back to EU1, and didn’t notice any lag when playing either. So if it’s empty, don’t panic. Leviathan Warships isn’t bugged.  Just switch to a European server.

Leviathan Warships Is For Everyone

Since Leviathan Warships is turn based, being faster has no advantage. There are cooperative and versus modes, whether you like highly competitive PvP games for mobile, or more social play. There is no reason not to play Leviathan Warships. It’s one of the best multiplayer games for iOS that I’ve played yet.

Buy Leviathan Warships for iOS!

Let me know what you think about Leviathan Warships in the comments below, or just leave your best boat jokes.  Do you have any tips for Leviathan Warships?

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