Life Day Event Guide 2013

This event is kinda on the slim side.  There are a few achievements, and a few items you can get during the 2013 Life Day Event.


Life Day Achievements

There are three achievements for the Life Day event this year.  They all revolve around getting the Snow-Covered Parcel.  The three Life Day achievements are for getting 1 Snow-covered Parcel, 25 Snow-Covered Parcels, then 100 Snow-Covered Parcels.  It is really easy to get a Snow-Covered Parcel.

Go to the Master of Ceremonies vendor on the fleet, in the GTN area.  Buy the Life Day Snowball Bomb.  It costs 1000 credits, and the Life Day Snowball Bomb is reusable.  You use the Life Day Snowball Bomb to throw at other players, companions, and friendly or enemy NPCs.  Hitting enemy NPCs does not initiate combat!  It has a 15 second cooldown.  There is a chance for you to receive a Snow-Covered Parcel when you hit others with the Snowball Bomb.  The general consensus is a 15% chance to get a Snow-Covered Parcel.  This should take you about 30 minutes.  Hitting someone with a Snowball Bomb gives them a Snowflake debuff that lasts 5 minutes.  Technically you should try to hit people without a Snowflake debuff.  As of right now, it doesn’t matter if they have the Snowflakes debuff or not, but that may change in a future patch.

Using the Snowball Bomb will flag you for PvP.

Life Day Items and Rewards

The rewards are equally slim.  All the rewards are purchased at the Master of Ceremonies vendor (that looks like Santa Claus) on the fleet in the GTN area.  With the Snow-Covered Parcels, you can get two rewards.

  1. Sleigh I – a mount that jingles when you ride (24 Snow-Covered Parcels)
  2. Cyan Sphere – a mount like the other Gree mounts (16 Gray Helix Components and 36 Snow-Covered Parcels)

With credits (500 sub/600 f2p) you can buy a Fireworks: Life Day Tree.  This is consumed on use, and does exactly what it says.  It is a firework that you set off, and temporarily displays a Life Day tree.

Life Day 2013

I was a little disappointed that it wasn’t more in-depth.  At any rate, these Life Day achievements are easy to get.  Enjoy, and Happy Life Day!

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